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Immediately made a note of it. One to try out on my e-reader I think :)


I knew you'd love this book! Haunted Bookshop is just as good in my opinion. I am sure you will love it too!


I've got this loaded on my tablet and will be starting to read it today--can't wait! I've been finishing up books in progress before I go on my little trip to visit family and this is my reward. (So far I've only got a couple of books and one magzine lined up to take with me...highly unusual! Gotta make sure I have plenty to read for those long plane rides.)

Simon T (Stuck-in-a-Book)

I love this book! And I love your review. What I do not love, I'm afraid, is the sequel - or, rather, I adored the first half (very bibliocentric) but then it becomes a spy novel, more or less. I hope you have better luck with it than I did!


I agree with Simon. I did enjoy the HB but it's not as delightful as POW which is just gorgeous. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Yes, it's a freebie and thoroughly enjoyable! It will be a treat to read at some point!


Why did I let it sit there so long unread? Oh, well, you know that every book has its day. I can't wait to start The Haunted Bookshop-this weekend is hopefully going to be a good reading weekend. I'll at least start (and if it's like the other book likely won't be able to put it down).


Books are such good rewards, aren't they? I was going to load it onto my ipad but I read it so fast in paper that I just didn't get a chance! I had another 'weeding' of my in progress pile and put a couple more back that I had not really gotten that far into and can wait a bit to pick up and read in earnest. Better to concentrate on the books that I have read a significant portion of and that I had really been enjoying. When will you be visiting your family--that's California right? Am very envious, though that is greedy of me as I really did love Colorado! You are very good not to have more than a couple of books already picked out--remember you might find something there you really want to buy! I always overdo it, so just a couple sounds sort of reasonable to me. Have a great time!


I do, too! Thanks for the kind words--it was a fun and easy book to write about--though I had lots more excerpts marked in my book. Actually I quite like spy stories, but this sounds like it might be an unusual hybrid of themes, so we'll see how it goes. I see that the author introduces other characters, though this might be okay. I really liked Helen and the Professor and want to continue on with their story. I'll be able to decide very soon as I plan on picking it up this weekend and start to read!


Isn't POW such a lovely story--such a fun book. I'm very curious now about the Haunted Bookshop. I am glad I am reading them in this order as I got HB first and almost read it earlier in the summer. It is always hard to pull off a sequel as good as the original, but I suspect it will still be entertaining.


Books are the best rewards! Non-fattening and pretty much healthy in every way.

Yes, I'll be in CA, and I'm a bit unhappy: the weather forecast is for temps in the 90s!! I was hoping for some cooler weather. At least it will be drier and not humid. We're about to get our first cold front and I will be sad to miss it, especially if I'm going out to 90-degrees!


Since I have been trying to be healthy when it comes to eating, maybe that is why I buy so many books? Must indulge in some way? ;) Have a great time in California, though it seems almost cruel that you go from Florida to California and the weather is actually going to be warmer! 90 is pretty warm for this time of year. I wouldn't be too pleased either. Hopefully it won't be sticky in any case. And you'll have lots of fun things to do and see to keep your mind off the heat!

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Lovely review! This sounds totally delightful - I love the theme of the, er, mature lady who decides to go her own way. I'm rushing straight off to download it.


It is a wonderful story and happy to see that it is still in print even after having been originally published in the 20s! There was a time when I was much younger that I wouldn't pick up a book with a heroine who was over about 30! Now I love books like this--yes, there is life after 30! :) Helen is a marvelous character-I think you will get a kick out of her!


This sounds entirely delightful. I must admit - the title put me off a bit. It just didn't tell me anything. I guess that's what blogs are for, right?


The story is great, but the title doesn't give you any idea of just how delightful it is. Actually I even had to look up Parnassus, which refers to Mt. Parnassus in Greece--the home of literature, language and learning! Makes sense in that light. And yes, blogs are one of the best places to find such unusual and off the beaten path bookish pleasures!

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