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vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Such a lovely range of autumn (OK, 'fall') colours - it does seem like a wider palette too. Absolutely beautiful - I have loved watching this 'work in progress'.

Liz F

I love the bees sampler - it is gorgeous!
I wish I could get back to stitching as seeing your work makes my fingers itch but with an 8 month old in the house plus my one remaining cat being very clingy and either on my knee or wedged into the chair next to me, I think my chances of actually managing it are zero! I'll just have to admire yours!

Joan Kyler

The bee sampler is beautiful! It does seem hard to believe there are only four colors in it. I love the Prairie Schooler charts, that you introduced me to. I have yet to sew any of them, though, so I've started a TBS (To Be Sewn) pile! I love the fall / Halloween charts.


I always enjoy your needlework updates! These are all really appealing projects, especially the sampler. I have a nice book-themed pattern I've been meaning to get started on but I've been down a crochet path for a while and don't have enough crafting time or energy to do two things at once!


The bees came out so good! And the little pillow is adorable. I love the beads around the edges. Can't wait to see which Halloween design you choose, they all look like fun.


The bee sampler is absolutely lovely. Did you stock up on honey for the winter on your farmer's market?


Very, very nice. :)


It took me a while, but I am so pleased that I finished it in a 'timely' (for me that is) manner. I love these colors, too. Prairie Schooler tends to use sort of limited color palettes but they always seem like such nice combinations--quite pleasing to the eye. Now I have moved on to the next--and the two I have started only have two colors!


I tend to live vicariously through others in most things, so I can totally relate. My cats were always interested in my floss so I had to keep the colors well tucked away--and then the thread going into and out of the fabric--yes, it could be a challenge stitching with them around. I would miss stitching if I couldn't do it occasionally during the week (I tend to mostly work on my samplers before work for about twenty minutes or so--not a lot of time but amazingly it adds up). Of course I go in phases--sometimes don't pick up a needle and thread for ages.... But I am very much in a stitching mode at the moment.


Thanks! I like that Prairie Schooler designs tend to use simple linen and floss colors yet they are so nicely designed. Sometimes the money you fork out for supplies is astronomical! Beautiful to use silks, but.... I almost 'collect' PS charts--you never know when you will want to stitch one and when they go out of print they can be so scarce and expensive to find. Think of them as an investment for later pleasure!


Thanks, Rohan--so nice to hear from you! :) I need to do these more often--it helps me get motivated with my stitching. I wonder which book themed sampler you are working on? I know there are a few designers who have some very nice charts that are book/author related--like Little House Needleworks--I have looked at her designs more than once thinking I need to stitch one, too. Crafts are great, but it is so hard to squeeze in everything I want to do--read, or stitch, or....


I am very happy with it and can't wait to get it framed. I love bee motifs so this will go nicely with my other samplers. I thought the beads would be a nice touch--make it more interesting. And I hope to share the little Halloween project I started--this weekend maybe!


Thanks Cath. I am very happy with it--it will look nice on my wall! I do have several jars of honey to get me through the winter as a matter of fact. I am still hoping they will sell gooseberry jam this year, but time is running out.....


Thanks Penny. I am always excited to have a 'finish' like this!


That pumpkin cushion is darling.
I couldn't pick a Halloween motif. I think they are all terrific. But maybe the witch with the cauldron.


I'm hoping to stitch the witch, too, as a little companion to the bird since they are both "13" designs. I liked how the pumpkin cushion turned out--but you have no idea how long such a small design took me to finish! ;)

Kathy Deane

Do you have the pattern for autumn leaves or know where it can be purchased?


Hi. Try Elegant Stitch in Modesto California--that is where I get most of my charts and they are very good about ordering what they don't have in the store!

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