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Liz F

Lots of goodies on SNB so my notebook is filling up fast including with the Barbara Nadel books you reviewed which are definitely my sort of thing. She is not an unknown author for me as I have read and enjoyed some of her Ikmen series set in Istanbul which were satisfyingly different from the run of the mill police novels.
I have just read The Devil in the Marshalsea which I can't recommend highly enough and I am already started on both Hild and The Miniaturist and loving them both although all they have in common is that they are both beautifully written and wonderfully absorbing.
BTW have just finished The Heroes' Welcome and realised that it IS the follow up to My Dear I Wanted To Tell You - so I will say nothing more about it until you have finished the latter!


Wonderful review Danielle!


I'll have to pop over and read your review later.
I haven't read anything by Nadel yet. I always thought she was a German writer, because of the name.


We love both your review and interview, Danielle. So delighted to have you as part of the team!


I am very much enjoying the Young--am quite intrigued now by the next book, which I am not sure is even out here yet? I want to read The Devil in the Marshelsea, though I think I will wait a bit on that while I try and finish the mysteries I have started finished (well, one or two of them at least anyway). Hild? Must go look that one up, but I do want to read The Miniaturist--let me know how you get on with it. I am finally nearly finished with the Boyne.... And I do want to try Barbara Nadel's Inspector Ikmen books, too! Yikes, so many I want to read...


Thanks--I still have catching up to do--I did take a peek at what awaits me--lots of good reading this weekend! Bring on Friday! :)


I need to go and read reviews later, too! I know once I start I'll have lots to look at so want to make sure I have a little chunk of time. Barbara Nadel does sound German, doesn't she! I really like the characters she created--not the usual run of the mill sorts!


Thanks Litlove. I really enjoyed this one--a most excellent book SNB sent my way! I look forward to the next 'assignment'! :)

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