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I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts on the Stone Diaries. I've read it and was not that into it. Everyone else seems to like it though. But I loved Breath, Eyes, Memory and everything else I've read by Danticat.
Good luck with your project. I think you've doing great.


Funny, I just added a book to my Century of Books list this morning: All Quiet on the Western Front (1928). I have many more gaps than you have, though I nearly have the 1990s completed (only 1998 remains). Since I'm doing this completely haphazardly, I'm not bothered by this, and I am recording my duplicates, too, just out of curiosity. I'm really lacking in the 1900s--may have to deliberately seek out books for those years.

Any excuse for a new book is a good thing, I always say.


So many good books to choose from! You've not read The Color Purple? Such a good book! Have fun choosing!


The Colour Purple and To Say Nothing of the Dog, as well as Cat's Eye are three of the best books I have ever read. Go for those! Is voting allowed?


I have owned a copy of The Stone Diaries for ages! I have heard mixed things about it so I am not surprised that you didn't get on with it--was it boring? I have never read E. Danticat before but I feel like I really should have. There is no rush with this, but it's fun to think about now and again. I am making progress even if it is slow and steady.


I was just thinking of All Quiet... I have never read it and was thinking it might be a good German language book for November, but am not sure I am in the mood for another war book. Was it hard going? Either (or both) in terms of content and writing style? I should really get around to read it at some point. Even though I periodically check in like this (mostly when I have nothing else much to write about) I have been mostly reading haphazardly, too. I seem to keep reading the same years over and over again so never seem able to add anything new! I'm with you for looking for good excuses--and those first couple of decades have been challenging for me as well!


I read The Color Purple a really, really long time ago and thought it was most certainly a worthy book to read again. I have pretty much forgotten everything about it in any case, so it would be like starting from scratch anyway. And yay--always fun to think about potential reads. I have a couple of possibilities set aside--next to my bed as a matter of fact.


Of course, voting is allowed! :) Actually I love input from other readers--especially like to hear when a book I am contemplating reading is so good! I thought I had read Cat's Eye, but now I am not so sure. In any case Margaret Atwood is great and so worth reading again and again! It's always so exciting to think about starting new books, isn't it?

Margaret Powling

Do add Elizabeth Jane Howard's Cazalet Chronicles to your century of books!

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I really want to read The Black Dahlia - and I vote for Name of the Rose but it might be too long for this sort of challenge if you're thinking of finishing it soon. In that case, Tipping the Velvet.

John Edwards

Like Caroline I wasn't enamoured of Stone Diaries and I'm awaiting your views with interest.

John Edwards

I did think about doing the Century of Books but then forgot about it. I must have another go.


I highly recommend All Quiet--I started it with trepidation. I avoid reading anything that will add to my tendency to be depressed, but I needed a war classic and happened to have this on my TBR shelf (it was a gift to our son who passed it on to me). It's not hard going at all as far as the writing is concerned. The subject matter is heartbreaking, true, but the story is beautifully written and well worth reading without being overwhelmingly sad. Truly, a book everyone should read, and I don't usually make statements like that. I'm probably going to do a blog post on it in the near future.


Not sure when I will actually get to it--I keep looking at it, if you know what I mean. But I am quite curious now, hearing what others thought of it!


Wow, it does sound good. I think I have put it off so long in part as I have been thinking that the writing might be hard going--since it was written in the 20s and as it is a translation. And, yes, for the subject matter. I know he fought in the war so there will be an immediacy to it that you don't get in quite the same way with a novel. Now, though, I am very intrigued and will have to pull my copy from the shelf. Maybe I can still squeeze it in this year.


I really do need to get back to those books--I was rereading them in anticipation of the fifth book coming out (and now it has been so long it is out in paperback!). I read the first one again and had just started the second. I can't remember the years the books were published, but they would fit nicely, wouldn't they?


I know I have a copy but am not sure which bin it is in...I think you have that problem, too? Books in storage and hard to get to? At the rate I am moving with this list, time is not so much an issue. I think it has taken me almost two years to get this far. And I really do mean to always read The Name of the Rose. I have been holding Tipping the Velvet in reserve, but now that she has a new book out...


I hate to admit that it has been sort of out of sight out of mind with me, too, which is why I thought it was time to take another look at how far along I was. I'm in no rush as you can see! ;)

Liz F

If you are thinking of Moon Tiger for 1987 I think that you will love it. I certainly did and for a long time it was the only Booker winner that I did enjoy.
All Quiet isn't a difficult read in fact I read it for school when I was 14 or 15. It is heartbreaking though as Kathy says but certainly worth reading to see the other side of WW1.
I do admire you doing something like this - it did cross my mind when you first started doing it, but never got any further than that which is probably a good thing as I am way too disorganised (not to mention lazy)and I don't want yet another failed project on my conscience!


Well, I am taking my time with this one, which is the only way it will work for me. I know Simon and others have managed it in less than two years....I think I am on my way to at least the four year plan! I really must read All Quiet on the Western Front-one of those books I have needlessly been intimidated by it seems! And I am going to read Moon Tiger for sure--that is where I am starting. I have actually read the first few pages--was hoping to finish the Boyne in the next day or two first and then can start a new book without a guilty conscience!


Not exactly boring but so dry. At least for me.


Some stories are definitely like that--considering the story spans almost a century (?), and considering all the exciting things to occur over the course of the 20th century, you'd think the story would have be more engaging! It's one of those books I often pick up and look at but never seem to begin reading.

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