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Sounded so good I had to order it. Did you know Flavorwire has a list of 50 spooky short stories to read, most with a link to read or listen to. It was fun rereading The Veldt and I need to read some more of them.


Such a great review, Danielle, of what seems to be a very good story.On my list it goes.


This sounds wonderful. Too bad you couldn't count it as part of your century, but still worth the read!


I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I'm curious about her other books and will try and track them down on the second hand market. I am unfamiliar with Flavorwire, so thanks for pointing them out to me! What a great list (I've only read about thirteen of them--was so happy to see Truman Capote's "Miriam" one of my own favorites). I think I might have to read that Bradbury this weekend!


It reminds me (in style, if not in plot) of Cheerful Weather for a Wedding, which I also loved. it is one of those stories that is deceivingly good--you don't at first realize just how much there is to it until you start making connections between all the various threads of the story. I would love to know what you think of it, too!


I know--after all that, and then that slot was taken. I have had to pass by a lot of books for this reason (well, pass them by in terms of adding them to the list). I seem to read the same years over and over again. But the read was very well worth it, so in the end it doesn't matter at all.

Liz F

I haven't acquired a new Persephone for a while - long enough to fall off the end of their list for the bi-annual magazine!
This does sound good and dovegreyreader's post about Saplings makes me want to re-read that again so I might have to give in to temptation and visit their site!
There again I have just discovered that the architects working on a building scheme we also work on, are based at Lamb's Conduit Street in London like the Persephone shop so maybe I can schedule a work visit there so long as I make sure that I go and see the architect first or there is a definite possibility that I will get sidetracked!


Great review! I loved this, and the "aha!" moment is just incredible, isn't it? :)


I think I still get all the bi-annual magazines, but I suspect it is barely so and I should really think of ordering just one lone book in order to make sure I keep getting them (such a hard thing to do...). I didn't realize DGR was reading Saplings (I am a bit behind in blog reading as usual), but that is one I have on my own TBR pile and I have long wanted to read. Maybe I should pick that up next (and will have to see when it was published as a potential century book!). Someday I will get to the Persephone shop! If you go, tell me all about it so I can live vicariously through you!! ;)


Thanks! Not all books have that lovely moment, but when they do it makes it an even better read! This one just clicked with me! (But then usually Persephone books do...).

Liz F

I loved Saplings and got very caught up with it despite reading a lot of it on a very crowded delayed train! I came to the conclusion that if you can get caught up in a book despite being wedged in the corner of your seat because your seatmate (a complete stranger) is taking up far more than their fair share of room, that is the mark of a very good book. If I remember correctly it was written in the late 1940's - would that fill a gap?


The best books are always the ones you can literally lose yourself in! I have more than once been reading on the bus and then looked up just in time to get off at my stop. And on a few occasions I have accidentally missed my stop! I think I was reading Steinbeck's East of Eden last time that happened! Thank heavens books are such good distractions in cases like traveling--And hey, Saplings was published in 1945 and that slot is open! Maybe I should go pull it from the shelf...just to look, mind you.... Must get back to Moon Tiger first. But I can at least bump it up the pile.

Thomas at My Porch

Serendipity indeed. Just last night I was looking at my TBR not knowing what to read and I spotted this thin volume but wasn't sure if I should pick it up. Now I realize I should have. Nice to know it is so fabulous. I will have to pick it up sooner rather than later.

And you are so right about the Persephone flap content. I think they just cut and paste from the test. Certainly takes less effort than trying to do a well-written jacket blurb.


I need to do this more often--just pick up a book randomly and start reading. Something made me interested enough to buy it in the first place, right, so I am likely going to enjoy it... I wonder why they don't give a more detailed description of the story--just enough to know whether you are really in the mood for it or not! I don't want to know too much about a book, but a tiny bit about the plot isn't a bad thing!

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