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Yes, I do love Ray Bradbury as well. Have you read "Zero Hour"? Creepy!


Oh, even though RIP reading will soon come to an end, I think I am going to have to look this one up! I should really see if he has a collected stories that I can buy as I like his work so much. He does creepy so well. Thanks for the heads up!


A perfect, perfect time of year for Ray Bradbury. A few years ago I read The Illustrated Man, or rather heard it on audio. He seas a master at his craft. :)


Oh The Veldt! I've read it a couple of times and every time it gives me chills! The Illustrated Man is a very good story collection and one I have actually read cover to cover. So glad the Murakami was good too!


Glad you liked The Veldt, I'm still working my way through some of the other stories and really enjoying them.


I read The Veldt years ago and will never forget it! It was definitely a scary story.

Ray Bradbuy is awesome, and I want to read more of his work. I recently read his Zen in the Art of Writing and loved it. His enthusiasm and zest for writing were contagious.


I think you're right. As a matter of fact, even though it is nearly the end of October and the end of this year's RIP reading, I did bring home a book of short stories by Bradbury from the library today. I might just have to read a few more before the end of the year. I think these would be excellent stories to listen to on audio, too! He was such a talented author!


How did I miss that one? I bet, though, there are lots of excellent stories by him I would enjoy and to that end I brought home a collection from work today published by Vintage books. I will have to check out The Illustrated Man, too! Loved the Murakami--must read more of him--have you read any of his novels? Any suggestions of where to start with his work, if you have read him before?


Thank you for suggesting it--it was perfect reading this weekend. Although I read the story online via Flavorwire (I had not heard of them before!--so nice they provided so many links!), I decided to check out a book of his stories so have the Vintage books collection to look through and will read a few of them (or who knows, maybe I will read all of them!).


It is quite memorable, isn't it? Actually all the stories I've read by him sticks in my mind. I have Dandelion Wine somewhere too. Must dig it out at some point. I am not so much into reading about writing, but I imagine Zen in the Art of Writing is very good--wouldn't mind checking that out as well!


I know that I have read some of Ray Bradbury's stories at some time but I don't recall reading The Veldt and by the sound of it I'm sure I would. I have yet to read any Murakami although I am pretty sure that I have a couple of his books on the shelves somewhere, so those are another couple of writers to add to my must -read list!
If only I had unlimited reading time...


I've read two Murakami novels, Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the World and 1Q84. His new one sounds great and I have had Kafka on the Shore on my bookshelf to read for ages. I'm not sure if there is a best place to start or not. I think a lot of people begin with Sputnik Sweetheart. I've heard it isn't as weird as his later novels but don't quote me on that!


I love Ray Bradbury's stories. I think I've read this but so long ago. He was a visionary.
Those Flavorwire List are always amazing.


So, that is actually a good way to describe him (from the blurbs I have read on the backs of books anyway...) a little on the weird side! I will see if my library has Sputnik Sweetheart--the closer to a more straightforwardly written novel the better. But the short story seemed quite tame and not so unusual at all. Another author I really should get around to reading.


He's marvelous and The Veldt is so well done. You will have to try and squeeze it in, if you can. You can easily read it in an hour or so. I also have not tried Murakami's novels, but if they are as good as this story was, I think I will like him. Yes, more reading time, please! :)


He was certainly ahead of his time. So much of what he has written (that I have read) seems so in tune with where we were heading technology-wise. Strange to think that so much of what he imagined has come true in one form or another. Before this, I had not even heard of Flavorwire, but they seem to have some good stuff, so I will try and visit there more often now.

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