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Fun mystery stories this week. The New Yorker story is intriguing but does have a confusing sound to it. Ah well, they can't all be stellar.


Both sound interesting. I hadn't heard of Appel before.
Your post has put me in the mood to read JCO. She's so versatile. I think that's what I like most about her.


I am hoping the next New Yorker story is a good one as it is by Haruki Marukami--I have never read him before. This last recent stretch of NY stories has only been so-so in terms of the sort of story. They are always well written but something I don't feel very engaged with it all. I have had pretty good luck with my ghost stories this year.


It seems as though Appel has been translated--more of his books into German than English, but I wonder then if they are all still in print? I think you usually know all the popular German books and certainly the crime novels? JCA is really good, isn't she? Her books are very varied. I've mostly read her short fiction and must give her longer books a try sometime soon.

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