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Joan Kyler

I love the Mary Russell books, too. I've read them all and am looking forward to the next one. The only one I found lacking was Pirate King. I thought it was silly. You have a lot of fun waiting for you!


I won't tell that you like Mary more than Maisie :) Sounds like a fun book and what a perfect way to finish RIP and enjoy Halloween!


I'm intrigued by this series (even though I'm not a huge Sherlock Holmes fan); The Beekeeper's Apprentice is high on my TBR list. Maybe over Thanksgiving break. Or Christmas. :) Anyway, it sounds like a book to look forward to.


This is a series I've been meaning to read (even though I'm not a huge Sherlock Holmes fan). The Beekeeper's Apprentice has been on my TBR list for awhile now. Maybe over Thanksgiving. Or Christmas. :) At least I have it to look forward to.


I have not read this series, Danielle, but your review here has me putting it on my TBR list. RIP. You've done well with it this year. Wish I had your reading energy. :)


I think I've read a few of Laurie R. King's books. Those were amongst the first books I found reviewed by you on your blog together with one Tana French :). I think I will have to take a look again what my library has of the series.


I'd say if only one out of the dozen Mary Russell books was something of a dud then they must be very good indeed! I do look forward to reading my way through the series of books!


I (almost) feel a little guilty saying I like someone just a hair better than Maisie (maybe it's because I've not read a Maisie Dobbs mystery for over a year now?). It was a fun read--two novels and a handful of short stories--not too shabby considering what a weird reading year I have been having!


I will admit that the first book--The Beekeeper's Apprentice was sort of iffy for me--only because it is made up of short stories--or what feels almost like short stories. I think it is a matter of getting the series started and orienting things, but I have loved every other book after (liked the first one, but just not as much as the others). You *are* in for a treat!


Not sure why--but your comments ended up in the spam folder--I always check it in case you find your comment has gone missing. So sorry about that--Typepad is sometimes weirdly glitchy like that.


I think you would like the characters! I know a number of people who have read all the books and love them--as a matter of fact I think I have yet to find someone who has read them and not liked them! I did manage to do okay this year with RIP--of course I always set out to read more, but I am happy with the books and short stories I read--all quite enjoyable. I only wish that what I could actually finish reading would match my enthusiasm! :)


She has written several stand alone novels as well as at least one other mystery series set in contemporary San Francisco, which I really must get back to as well. I have started the newest Tana French--I had a electronic galley copy on my ipad which unfortunately expired before I could finish it, and now I am waiting for a paper copy from the library and am in a VERY long line for it! I hope your library has some of her books!


This sounds so good. I'm reading Laurie King's book on crime writing and I think you'd enjoy that as well. Sure, it's written for writers but there's so much in it, that a fan of her fiction or the genre can get a lot out of it.


I had no idea she had written a book on writing--I would be very interested in reading it, I think. Is it one of those "sisters in crime" books? I am not sure I am finding the right title.... (and you're right--you can still find out so much about an author and her books this way, even if you are not a writer yourself).


It's part of the Artists' and Writers' Yearbooks. One comes out every year for several genres and then there are the specialized onces which are quite new. Sorry-I'm lagging behind in commenting but I had a surgery on my leg (nothing big) and I'm not allowed to sit for two weeks and then only a little. Bah.


You mentioned your surgery in your email and I wasn't sure when exactly it was happening--hopefully you are on the mend. I know you were thinking about it and the problems that might arise--hopefully it all went smoothly! No problem at all about commenting--never worry about that--I know how it goes and as I am eternally behind these days.... I will have to look the King book up--I did start the next Mary Rusell book by her, and it is as good as the last one!

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