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My favorite part of this story was Eliza's relationship with her father...especially at the end. I liked this book, even though it felt a little slow through the whole first half. But it's the perfect R.I.P read. :)


I have this one in my sights...had read the opening somewhere, but I've not picked it up yet. Sounds like a good choice for RIP, especially as I seem to have found a few good haunted house stories this year -- this would fit right in...

Liz F

Glad you liked it. As you say it isn't the most frightening haunted house story ever but I did like the build up of suspense and I also liked Eliza who was made of sterner stuff than a lot of Victorian heroines.
Do read John Boyne's The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas: it's very different from This House is Haunted (he seems to specialise in writing a varied array of books)but once read never forgotten - at least that is what my daughter and I felt when we read it a couple of summers ago.
Just read Kate Mosse's The Taxidermist's Daughter which is suitably Gothic and unsettling and highly recommended for this time of year, and I am now absorbed in Jessie Burton's The Miniaturist which is set in late 17th century Amsterdam and very hard to put down. The air of menace surrounding new bride Nella as she gets used to life with older husband Johannes and his unwelcoming sister Marin is gripping.


What fun! It seems there are a good many stories about governesses and haunted houses/ghosts. I wonder why that is?

Amanda R.

I cannot wait to read this! I bought it at a Kindle sell a few months ago and I really need to dip in. Thanks for a great review!


This sounds wonderfully entertaining! Ooh you've given me a real taste for a ghost story now. It's the perfect time of year for this sort of thing. Lovely review, as ever Danielle!


I liked that as well. They seemed such a perfect pair and it was a nice touch for him to come to her aid at the end--I didn't see that coming at all! It really is a perfect RIP read--and I am glad I picked it up sooner than later! I wonder if all his books are so good? Will have to check them out.


It is a great read and I bet you will enjoy it when you get to it. If not now, ghost stories also seem so well suited for the Christmas holidays, too. I think a good haunted house story is required fall reading myself....


I actually don't mind ghost stories that are light on the chills! I do like a good amount of atmosphere and this has plenty. For me subtle goes a long way, and this one is fairly subtle. I had The Boy... checked out from the public library a while back--maybe you suggested it to me earlier? I didn't unfortunately even get it opened. I think I will look for a used copy. I have one of his other books on my reading pile. And I like authors who can write such vastly different stories--you never know what to expect but I bet he is always good--a sign of a good storyteller! Is that a new Kate Mosse? I haven't read her in a while--seems I just came across that one when I was browsing Amazon UK just a few days ago. Gothic is good. I am on the waiting list for The Miniaturist--I hope to get it about the time the holidays roll around when I have more time off from work to look forward to. I had wanted to read it for my Dutch reading this summer, but it had not been released yet. It sounds like you are enjoying it though!


Yes, they seem to go hand in hand, don't they? Governesses do not have enviable jobs it would seem--and these governesses less so than normal, too. Maybe there is something to their solitary lifestyle--being thrust into these grand houses like they are and living in a sort of limbo world. Hmm, it would be fun to come up with a list of governess stories now that I think of it! ;)


Sounds like a bargain and an excellent one at that. It is very engaging and once you start you won't want to put it down--at least I was drawn into it right from the start.


Thanks Litlove--so kind of you to say that. This is a good ghost story for people who don't like them too gruesome. It is just enough without being over the top and he does that Victorian period so very well. Even the language he uses and the dialog feels nicely authentic. I do love these sorts of books for fall weather--nothing like snuggling up under the blankets with a good story like this!


It does sound better than I expected and goes on the wish list. As for ghost stories. I'm still reading the Asham collection, which i find wonderful and Uncle Montague's Tales, which are great too. A bit like Coraline, only darker.


Is the Priestly a YA book? Not that it matters as one of the best ghost stories I read last year (...or was it the year before) was a YA novel. I need to pick up the Asham collection again--I knew I wanted a story by Shirley Jackson, but I am not sure what I will be in the mood for next weekend.

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