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John Edwards

Your blog so often makes me feel guilty! I started an excel spreadsheet but it died and even my basic record keeping of titles is a bit flimsy at times. But as soon as it falls behind I desperately regret it and scrabble around trying to recall all the books that filled the gaps. You would think that keeping a basic record would be so easy but somehow I make it look hard.


Never feel guilty about reading habits (I say...but then feel guilty about my own habits!). Actually for a really long time I kept a nice journal with the titles of books I read and the date I finished them. Then I filled it up and couldn't find a journal I liked and so started an Excel spreadsheet as someone else I know has kept one for years and it seemed a good idea. I am usually pretty good at keeping up with it, but this year my reading has been wonky in a number of ways so I left the spreadsheet for months and didn't write in a single book. It took ages to update as now the books are not close at hand. But I fill in more than just titles authors and dates now--I keep publishing years and genre and languages the books are written in--all sorts of interesting information! :) I always appreciate it at the end of the year--and like you I cannot remember too far back which books I read or when I finished them! If you keep up with it, it works quite nicely.


The little bird has not only found a new home but also a favourite place to rest it's wings :)
Happy Reading to you.

Amanda R.

This is the most perfect, bookish post ever! I need to find a comfy chair and some cocoa ASAP!


So glad to hear that! I like the idea of my little work finding a new home so far away from its beginnings! :)


Yay for comfy chairs, good books and hot chocolate! ;)


I hope your weekend turned out as nice as the plans you made for it! So far this year my stand out books have been nonfiction, Braiding Sweetgrass and Men Explain Things to Me. I've read lots of good fiction but none of it so far has made me say wow!

Liz F

I think I'll stick to my notebooks to log my reading as being self-taught technology wise, I haven't a clue how to do a spreadsheet!
I have been lucky to read a fair number of books which have really impressed me this year although I haven't found one that is head and shoulders above the others yet - still got two and a half months to go I suppose!


We're just zipping right along and see how far behind I am--answering a weekend comment...from Last weekend! I have read a small handful of really outstanding novels, but I feel like there should be more than have been spectacular. Maybe I'll have a run of really good books in the coming months?


If I keep up with my Excel sheet is works really well. It is not much fun, however, so fill it all in after three months of neglect however! I used to have a really nice journal I used but I filled it up and couldn't find another one like it. Which have been really good reads for you? You are so good about passing along titles and I always note them down or request them from the library, but you know now it is is. When I look back properly on my list I am sure a few will stand out from the rest.

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