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Lisbeth @ The Content Reader

Sounds very interesting. I will add it to my list. It is interesting to read about all these women who could not really make a life for themselves, but still lives on through famous family. It gives us a hint of how lucky we are today, at least in our part of the world!

Liz F

It sounds a really lovely book. I love books which give you an insight into someone else's life and this sounds like it does that admirably.
Definitely one for the list.


I have heard of this book and now need to read it!


I love a good history book and this one sounds very enjoyable!


I love it when I read slowly because I love a book so much and not because it's a drag. Unfortunately the latter happens more often.
This sounds really good. There was once a popular German feminist book on sisters of famous brothers. I never bought it but I wish I had. I'm pretty sure she was in it as well.


Sounds like something right up my alley. :)


We really are lucky--I can't imagine living in that world, but I do find learning about it and reading about it fascinating. Jill Lepore is a very engaging writer and I am enjoying this book immensely!


I think you would enjoy this--it is out in paper here, and maybe in the UK now as well? I am learning so much--there is always so much to absorb in books like this--it makes me slow down to try and take it all in.


She was up for the National Book Award--and if this is as good as I am finding it, it makes me wonder which book did win? May have to add it to my wishlist. I love books like this. I really need to read more nonfiction!


It is! If I can finish it by the end of the year it will certainly be a favorite!


That sounds like a great book! I think you would like this. She begins by writing about Virginia Woolf and her fictional "Judith--Shakespeare's sister". I love learning all the things about the two Franklins and the world they lived in. Even with the 'ordinary' life Jane Franklin lived, she was nonetheless quite interesting. I need to read more books like this. I do have to slow down for it--but you are right, sadly I move slowly through far too many books for the wrong reason!


Yes! If you like American history and I know you do, you will find this a fascinating read!


I love books like this, and will have to look for this one. I'm incurably nosy about how people live(d).


I am, too. This is a totally engaging read--everything is so interesting about their lives-even the women's very restricted lives! I love this sort of history.


I should have added, "I read as much as I dare" should probably be printed on my gravestone!


Me, too. Isn't that a great quote!

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