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Di McDougall

Am in complete agreement with you...AND I have read The Heroes' Welcome and it is even better...subtle, moving. Here in south africa the book had the most garish of covers; put me off reading it for ages.


With a review like this you have convinced me easily to read this story. I've already found out my library has it (in translation) so - even though it having a bit more pages than my usual reads - it will be among the books I hope to read in the coming year. I love the cards you sent and the Harry Potter stamped envelope, so nice:)


You have already captivated me with your review; I know I will be captivated by the book. :)


Am so glad to hear you feel the same way! It took me a bit to get through the book--the parts where Riley was in hospital were not pleasant--so awful to think what those men went through! And I wasn't sure about the US cover at first--but after reading the book and thinking about the story it somehow seemed very fitting. Now I am very eager to read the next book. It seems I read somewhere she was going to write another book about the characters as well.


I'm happy to hear my cards arrived! Aren't those Harry Potter stamps wonderful? Another letter is in the process of being written this weekend, too. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did. I did move through it slowly, but it was both compelling and a little harrowing--so I couldn't rush it. There is a difficult point, but then as Riley's wounds get better so the story moves on easier, too.


I hope so! It is quite nicely written and a slightly different take on the war than some of the other novels I've read about WWI of late. I thought it one of the better books and certainly one of my better reads this year!

Liz F

I have this (somewhere)on my shelves but in the meantime read The Heroes Welcome from the library, not realising until afterwards that it was a follow on!
Having said that, I don't think that that harmed the story too much - I still enjoyed its slightly different take on the aftermath of the war.
It's not my favourite of the WW1 based books that I have read this year though - so far that has to go to Before The Fall by Juliet West which I thought had a wonderful sense of the period and setting.


If you go back and read this one, you will know how the story turns out, but I think you will still enjoy the 'getting there' part of the book! I am looking forward to reading the sequel. And now...darn... the West book is not out here yet (not even listed as a prepub on Amazon) so I think I am going to have to see if I can find a nice inexpensive used by far is high praise indeed! Did you ever read Deborah Moggach's book In the Dark? Also set during WWI but a homefront story and not always directly related to the war but so very well done!

Liz F

I haven't read In the Dark although I know that I have it somewhere on my shelves - it has probably been there since it came out in paperback so quite a while!
I read a lot of Deborah Moggach's earlier books and bought her others as they came out in paperback as a matter of course - I still have Tulip Fever to read as well which is a bit shaming!
Will go and fish it out when I get a chance - I think it is in a room where the books are still accessible i.e not a room that my daughter and her partner or my granddaughter are using!


It must be really nice to come upon stories in this genre that pleasantly surprise you. And it does sound really good with a different angle. Yay!


After I read the Moggach I bought a whole slew of her other books and then had planned to work my way so very industriously through them. Ahem, they still sit there and I have no excuse of them not being close at hand. She is very good and I do look forward to reading more--hopefully sooner than later. DO you have a favorite, or has it been too long? I know sometimes books fade far too fast for me.


Sometimes if you read too many close together on a particular topic they do feel all very samey...but I liked this one very much. Oh, and yay, the next one is on its way--so something to look forward to!


It took me a while to get to your review but it was nice to read and remember the book through it. I'll add it to my post.
I'm glad you felt the same about this book. I find it quite extraordinary. I had expected something different but it was so much better. The Uk cover is not nice compared to this. I find this one so much better and fitting.


It was indeed a nice surprise! I am not sure why it took me so long to finish (reading for class I guess), but I enjoyed it very much and now have the sequel at home to read. I am not sure how soon I will get to it, but I look forward to reading more of her writing. I wasn't sure about the cover at first, but I liked it--not what you would typically expect for a war book, which is nice. And no worries at all that you didn't get around to reading the post sooner-I hope you are feeling much better now and are over the surgery!

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