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Famous last words: "I really wasn't looking for a new book to buy." Sometimes temptation really is irresistable when it comes to books. This one sounds like a winner, too, and a writer that I think I would like. I have somehow (sheer greediness?) gotten myself embroiled with too many books at once, several of which will have to go back to the library this week, so I will have to wait to check him out, though. Ha--no pun intended!


Well, I have slowed down a little bit when it comes to my book buying, but I need to do even better. As a matter of fact I see a big weeding project on the horizon. I even talked the owner of my favorite used bookstore and he will come look through my boxes--once I have actually started (it's always so hard starting). I am very greedy too. I did weed my library book pile and it is much more manageable now. Do add Stefan Zweig to your list for later perusal--I think you will appreciate his work!

Mel u

I have this collection also. I love totally "Mendel the Bibliophile". A story meant for book lovers. I wish the anthology included original publication date and place information.


Two good stories this week! Do you think you will read Night at the Fiestas when it comes out?


I may have to skip ahead to that story--it looks like it is at the end of the collection. I am already looking forward to reading another story this weekend. I would take it to work with me if it weren't quite so hefty. I like knowing when a story was published as well--too bad there is not publication date listed--I also like knowing where a story first appeared, too.


Yay--and looking forward to more this weekend. I am going to watch for her new collection at the library--I have a growing list of authors to watch thanks to the New Yorker!

Liz F

I have at least three books by Zweig on my bookshelves, including his biography of Marie Antoinette, but have yet to even open any of them.
I might stand more chance with my own books if I could somehow get my library habit in control but I am still failing miserably with resisting the call of the on-line request facility!


I wonder if I've read this. It does sound familiar.
I'd happily read a whole collection of his short stories. He's just so good.


He is really good--I highly recommend him. I have liked everything I have read by him. Today's story was not a happy one, but well done--a different setting then I am used to. I wish (as someone else commented) that this book of stories had the date of the year each one was published. Habits are impossible to kick, arent't they? I often think that if I want to read one of my own books I actually need to check it out from the library...


I completely agree! At this point I will read anything by him. I am even tempted by that Marie Antoinette bio that Liz mentions and NF by him hasn't been too much of interest. It will take me a while to make my way through this collection as it is a hefty one, but I don't mind taking my time with it--it was an investment to buy and to read, I think! This story is definitely one of the themes he seems to be interested in writing about.

Liz F

There is definitely a sort of logic there ....


Scary, isn't it?! I admit that sometimes I am too lazy to go in search of a book I know I own but I am sure is packed away in some bin in the closet that will require shifting piles of other stuff to get to, so I just check it out.....

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