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Liz F

Not doing very well with short story reading at the moment. I have several volumes to choose from but just can't settle to any in particular so they are just sitting on the shelves looking very impressive!
Stefan Zweig's short stories do appeal to me but I'm not sure I am in the mood for something as bleak as In the Snow at present!


I just downloaded Zweigs complete works in German for less than 2$. I was to tempted by Mel's comment about Mendel the Bibliophile and your posts. I'm in the mood to read som of his short stories. This one sounds excellent.

Mel u

Excellent post, those negative on Zweig often wrongly say he hid from the Holocaust but this story and others shows how wrong this is. Great post. I think I will start reading this collection from the back.


I know what you mean--that was a heavy sort of story. I think they won't all be like that, but somehow I can't picture his writing being light-hearted and humorous--though you never know! Still, I do like his writing style and am very much in the mood for his work at the moment. The nice thing about short stories is the fact that you can easily dip into a variety of collections, set them aside, pick them up again and know you have not lost the thread of the story. That is in part why they appeal to me so much. I am thinking of getting back to those Jane Gardam stories soon, too.


I might have to jump ahead and read that story this month. I think it doesn't matter at all what order I read the stories in, but I always feel like I need to start at the beginning and work my way through them in order. What an excellent buy--all his work for so little money--he is wonderful. I think you have read some of his work already, right? I have several of his books on my shelves and the library where I work has quite a few of them as well--what I don't have I can probably find there! I think he is noted for his shorter works--but then I don't know that he wrote more than a very few novels in any case. Some writers just have a knack for shorter fiction and he is one of them!


I've heard some of that criticism as well, and I don't agree with them either. It's interesting as this story fits in well with the books I am reading for an Israeli lit class that I am taking now. We are reading Leon Uris's Exodus which has 'scenes' from WWII in it--and one that I am reading now is set in the Warsaw Ghetto and I think surely the town he is talking about must be in what is now Poland. I think the war and what had been happening in Europe actually weighed far too heavily on him!


The Zweig story sounds so sad. did I hear not long ago that Hanks wrote a children's book? Maybe I am imagining that factoid.


Tom Hanks might have--how many entertainers seem to do that these days--move on to writing? Quite impressive to be able to publish your work in such an illustrious magazine? Luck or something else do you think? The Zweig was sad--I need to start the next story, which is almost novella length--I hope it is a little more cheerier--though this one was excellent--just heavy going.

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