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It's not exactly narrated by the cat, but THE ABANDONED by Paul Gallico is a lovely novel about a little boy who loves cats who is transformed into one. Since he is a little boy, he knows nothing about making his way as a cat and becomes the pupil of a streetwise tabby named Jennie.


I just read a book partially narrated by a cat, the first in a series by Carole Nelson Douglas. It was light, fluffy fun. Rita Mae Brown has written another series of books with animal characters that are fun, too. Perhaps we should do an animal protagonist project?! :)

Marina Sofia

I loved this book - it was frothy, charming and rather believable (I could see my cat eyeing me up as I was reading this).
Another novel with a cat narrator is Natsume Soseki's I Am a Cat, which is a satirical novel about the modernisation of Japan seen through a cat's eyes.


How charming! Sugar Zach sounds like my kind of cat. Have you read Collette's Barks and Purrs I believe it is called? They are little stories written from the point of view of her cat and dog.


This sounds great--I've added it to my wishlist. I know that name--but I was unfamiliar with the book. I see he also wrote Mrs Harris Goes to Paris, which I think I have somewhere in my piles....


I did think about those Rita Mae Brown books--have you read them? I don't know the books by Carole Nelson Douglas (does she also write Sherlock Holmes mysteries....?). I am enjoying the Divani--it would be a fun project to read more novels written from the perspective of animals--may have to come up with a list...There must be loads!


It is frothy, but in a fun way (not overly sugary). She does capture that cat attitude really well. I used to have two cats but now have none and I miss having a cat around. Thanks for the heads up on the Soseki--I will look for that one as well!


What fun! I have not read the Colette book but I will have to look for it now! And then there is Virginia Woolf's Flush, which is a great read, too! Sugar Zach is a very cool cat! ;)

Margaret Powling

Love the sound of this!

Margaret Powling

Might I add another enchanting cat story ... Thomas Gray: Philosopher Cat by Philip J Davis. I loved this but I have long since parted with my copy!

Margaret Powling

PS I have just ordered myself a copy (to replace my parted-with copy) and notice that there is a follow-up written in 1995 about Thomas Gray (i.e. the cat) in Copenhagen. This sounds as delightful as the first, so I've ordered a copy of that, too!!!


So far it is quite entertaining--wry sort of humor, which I like. Probably a safe (and amusing) read for cat lovers! (I am thinking of getting a couple of copies to give as Christmas gifts this year...).


Have taken a peek at this on Amazon and yes, it does look good! I will see if my library has it tomorrow--I see Thomas Gray in Copenhagen, too--how fun! Thanks for the heads up!


Ha--should have read all your comments-I see them, too, and might have to give in and ordered used copies as well. I love the look of the illustrations--if they are like the cover anyway. Very naughty of me to be tempted like this when I am supposed to be sticking to a budget!

Liz F

Oh dear, this looks like temptation as do the books Margaret mentions!

Margaret Powling

I used to collect cat books and had about 50 or 60 at one time but culled them a few years ago and kept only a few, one of which is the delightful The English Cat at Home by Matthew Sturgis. This was published in 1988 and it's about all kinds of cats who live with various well-known people of the day - Kingsley Amis, Desmond Morris, Carmen Callil (founder of Virago press) and many others. I especially like the story of Snowy and Patch who lived (at the time) in Bristol Temple Meads station and Wilberforce who was at the time the 10 Downing Street cat. This was one cat book I simply couldn't part with.


Yes in both cases! So far I have not given in to the Thomas Gray books but I will keep an eye out for them when I visit used bookstores! And if I get a gift card for Christmas, the books are already on my wishlist...


I have a cat book here and there but I have never actively pursued buying any. I know culling is necessary now and again, but what a lovely collection that must have been! Now I am going to have to look for the Sturgis book--sounds like something I would really like--a companion book to the others I have about writer's homes, etc. I love bookish books like that. Now I think I will go in search for it--maybe my library owns it, or I can get it through interlibrary loan! Thanks for the heads up!


This sounds like so much fun. I'd love to read it.


It is a fun read--I need to get back to it--I have been busy with a class book this weekend and all the rest of my reading has taken a backseat.... It is a quickie however, which is always nice.

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