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Liz F

I think I have only read three and a half graphic novels in my life: two by Marjane Satrapi that you put me on to, one by Neil Gaiman (I think it was Coraline) and half of Maus (the first one) a copy of which was on the shelf when I worked in a bookshop and I read when things were quiet. Then one day we sold the copy and I have never got around to finding another one to finish it!

Your post makes me feel rather guilty that I don't put enough effort into my reading or stretch myself enough! There again I suspect that I'm either not intellectual enough or maybe too lazy to find the connections with things that you do - probably the latter!

I think that the sculpture would make me too sad to want to look at it too often too!


If it makes you feel better I actually owned both volumes of Maus at one time and then sold them in one of my weeding frenzies many years ago. New copies. Unread!! It has taken me many years to get back to the books and going to this bookclub was the impetus. I have decided the best way for me to read outside my comfort zone is to stick with a bookclub or take a class in literature I wouldn't read otherwise, like this Israeli War Lit class I am taking now. I did waver for a bit about going to the bookclub--it always makes me nervous walking into any social situation where I don't know anyone, but I am getting to the point of--what do I have to lose--no one actually knows me and if it goes badly I just don't go back again! :) Trust me--intellectual is not a word I would use to describe myself--the bookclub was what made me make all these connections thanks to the guidance of the museum docents--they are bastions of information and I want to take advantage of more things like this--I woldn't do it on my own otherwise. So please never feel guilty--actually I feel guilty by my lackadaisical approach to reading this year--you have read so much and I can't seem to finish more than three books a month these days....which to mee feels really pathetic considering hnow much time I spend reading and thinking about books!!

I liked the Satrapi books and I loved Coraline--I read the book, listened to the audio twice, saw the movie and now think I will have to get the graphic novel--didn't realize there was one. I find I like graphic novels very much, but we'll see if I make more of an effort to pick them up now!


Graphic novels disappeared from my reading with no good reason. I don't remember the title of the last one, that says enough. I am not sure if Art Spiegelman is the author to start with, if I want to pick up something in this genre, but wow he sounds fascinating. As does the museum bookgroup.


So glad the discussion went well and how fun to have it tied to art at the museum! I love the Roger Shimomura! The March meeting is sure to be good too. Do you know if there will be a Pollack and or Benton exhibit at that time? How fun wold that be?


Glad you found your way into Maus! The Lunch Lady books are terrific - my daughter loves them.

If you're looking for art-related graphic novels, you might try Kiki de Montparnasse, which relates her experiences as a model to Picasso and Modigliani, as well as being an artist in her own right.


This sounds like it was an amazing event. Loved the pictures you shared. "Our slave" is beyond sad. Oh my.
I haven't read Maus but I know I should.
Have you seen the movie Waltz With Bashir? That combines your current interests. Graphic novels and Israel.
Here's my review, should you be interested.

Liz F

It's no surprise that you didn't know there was a graphic version of Coraline - because I don't think there is! It was the graphic version of The Graveyard Book that I read after having read the text version and loved it.
I have no clue why I thought it was Coraline - other than that I read them within a couple of months of each other - but it is a favourite of mine too!


I would totally read a graphic novel of Coraline! I may have to check out this other one. I like graphic novels and really should read more of them.


I read far too few of them. I really do enjoy them but for some reason I never seem to reach for them when I want a book. The Maus books are great, but I think you really do need to be in the right mood for them. The museum book group was fun and I do hope to go to the next one. Lots of time to read the next book which is art/nonfiction--something I wanted to read more of in general.


What a cool idea, don't you think? The Shimomura is one of the paintings I like to 'visit' whenever I go to the museum! I am not sure either artist's works will be in any forthcoming exhibits, but the museum does own by works by both artists, so there will be visuals to go along with the reading!


I really liked the Maus books--I actually owned them at one time and am now kicking myself for having weeded them out of my collection. I want to check out MetaMaus now, too. I loved the Lunch Lady books--the museum is exhibiting some of the original artwork by him--very fun to see it up close like that. I also watched a video of him speaking that is posted on his website--which was fun. I will look for the Kiki book--I recall seeing it at the library and it would make a great follow up-I would love to be better at reading more art-related books.


If I take the Contemporary Israeli Lit class in the spring as I want to, we will watch the Bashir movie. For now, I have the graphic novel checked out from the library! I have heard it is very good. I will check out your review--thanks for the link! Our Slave is good, but awful at the same time. I can't handle animal cruelty! The Maus books are really good--hard going in some ways, but also a great way to read about a difficult subject matter--via graphic novel. I am glad I finally read them!

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