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Sounds like a good read and a great escape! What fun!

Liz F

I love the Sandro Cellini books - he is a very real character and his relationship with Luisa is always intriguing particularly when she gets involved in some of his cases.
I still have the most recent two to read - maybe I will get around to them in the next couple of weeks although I am in a bit of a reading doldrum at the moment- part way through a number of books and getting nowhere fast! Perhaps starting again with something new is the best plan!


It sounds nice, especially the setting. Do you like Magdalen Nabb?


Florence always makes for a nice literary (and real, too, though I won't get there anytime soon except in my reading) destination!


My reading is Finally picking up--I have finished a couple of books and have started a couple more--so I am feeling much better about things, but boy can I sympathize! I am all ready to start the first proper Cellini mystery but I am determined to keep cleaning up my reading pile just a little bit more... Will you have some time off for the holidays? Maybe you can pick up something new and engaging to get back into the reading mood!


I liked it--not your standard detective story, but it had an interesting twist with the different characters. I have only read one Mgdalen Nabb book and really liked it--always mean to pick up another. As a matter of fact two sit on a pile right next to my desk here. :)

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