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I love that you captured book group reads and number of pages read. Like you, I thought my reading year was off last year and now, gosh, I feel like I have to turn in my bookgirl badge! Well, here's to a fresh start in 2015! I can't wait to read about what books you'll discover!

vicki (skiourophile/bibliolathas)

I think you can offset your feelings about '74' by considering what a wonderfully consistent blogger and, indeed, evangelist for reading widely and idiosyncratically you are, Danielle. Have a wonderful and Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing what your shelves will hold in 2015.


I should do a list like that. Especially since there were so many books I didn't review. I do mention them in my diary but sometimes very briefly. I think a list like that helps to pick "better" books in the coming year. I really agree, I also still feel it was a bad reading year but it was one of the first in which I read more books in parallel and because of that didn't manage to finish them. I still got piles and piles of half-read, mostly non-fiction books, on the nightstand.
Here's to a better - more organised - 2015 for the both of us. :)

Liz F

What has it been about 2014 that has made it such a sparse reading year for so many?

Last night I counted up how many books I have read this year and it added up to 109 - which sounds a lot compared with other people but not when I checked back and realised that I normally read at least 150 per year in an average year.

Here's hoping that things improve in 2015!

Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

Wow, all these statistics are fascinating -- maybe I should start keeping better records. I have no idea how many books I read in a year! Anyway, let's all look forward to a new year and its possibilities.


I know it won't change your feelings but I find this an awesome amount read, not to mention the pages count. Now I am so much looking forward to your favourites tomorrow.


74 is an off year? Wow, I had one of my best years ever and read 75! Perhaps you page count indicates you read some longer books this year which might also account for your total books finished being a bit less? Fewer books but more pages? Looking forward to your favorites!

Sam Sattler

Great list of statistics, Danielle. You given me several ideas that I might add to my 2015 stat gathering.

I've noticed, after looking at close to a dozen of these recaps, that the favored author gender of book bloggers has coincided with the sex of the blogger 100% of the time...still looking for the exception to the rule.


Interesting stats, Danielle. Even though you read fewer total books, if you kept the pages about the same, you must be reading longer books. Looking forward to hearing about your favorites.


I thought of leaving that one off as I had read so few of them this year--the year before I had quite a few, but no more Slaves books and it was hit or miss otherwise. I think I am joining a book club at my public library, so that might open up some new opportunities. And I think you have earned a book badge for life. Sometimes work and real life just gets in the way of reading, right? Hopefully this will be a much better reading year for both of us.


Thank you, Vicki, those are kind words indeed and you are right--it was a good reading year in many other ways! Besides, by the middle of this month I will have completely forgotten how many books I did or didn't read last year in any case! I hope you have a most excellent reading year in 2015, too!


Hopefully this won't sound too excessive, but I keep an Excel spreadsheet with a few pieces of information and then I can use it at the end of the year to tally things up. I kept a paper diary for a long time, but then I filled the book up and moved on to the spreadsheet. Now I bought a nice little journal so will go back to that as well--it's nice having it in paper format--just the title and author and the date I finished the book. It is fun looking back and seeing the sorts of books I chose--when they were published or which languages in translation I read most. It is probably a little silly, but interesting too. I set aside quite a few books and now have a little pile that I might pull from in the coming months--or some of them that I didn't get very far with I will just put back for some other time. I was really getting bothered by all those half read books, but I guess it is better just not to worry about them and start from scratch (more or less) this year. I do hope this is a better year--I just want to not go crazy starting new books and then setting so many aside--a bad habit I got into! Yes, I hope we both have better years this year!


It sort of drove me crazy to think of those 11 books I read last year that I couldn't manage this year, so I can totally appreciate that you would feel bad at those 40 or so--that sounds like such a big number to me! And we all read at different paces, so I never fret that others read more or less, but when you are thinking of what you (me) normally manages and then didn't....well, you know exactly how I feel! I hope we all have better reading years! I will be working on breaking bad habits I think!


Hi Lory--I keep an Excel spreadsheet and fill in each book as I finish. Then a the the end of the year I can tally things up easily. I know this doesn't appeal to everyone, but I always find it interesting to see how my reading changes (or stays the same!). Happy reading in 2015!


Actually I am getting over it and not going to fret about it--but during the year when I was seeing it happen, it was sort of getting me down--silly, I know! But it will be forgotten in another week when I am into the new year. I did read a lot of really good books, so all in all, not a bad year in that respect!


I'm so greedy, aren't I?! In retrospect I know it doesn't matter really. I read lots of good books and it's the books that I will ultimately remember, right? I think that must be what it was--in previous years I have gotten away from really long books, and there was the Couperus and some other longer reads this year. I have a feeling I read more novellas (those Melville House books) this year than last.


Isn't that interesting about women reading more women authors and men more men--I suspect that is probably really common. I swear I don't set out picking mostly women, but I guess I like protagonists who I can relate to--so more women characters and likely women authors. I have fun noting down all the details. I think that is something only an avid reader would ever be interested in--but I know you know what I mean! :)


In thinking about it now, I have a feeling I read many more of those Meville House novellas last year--they are usually quite short and they 'beef up' that final count. It's just the way it worked out--I do enjoy shorter reads sometimes, so I think I will try and add a few more in this year--it's not so much that I want to finish more books for the final count, but that I like to think that my reading is actually moving along--well, you know what I mean.... :)

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