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Liz F

Certainly looks as though 2015 might be your year for non-fiction if your wishlist is anything to go by!
I like the look of the Canterbury Tales related book - I really enjoyed studying Chaucer at college and much preferred him to some of the more modern authors we had to read plus it is believed that he actually started writing them while he was living at nearby Knaresborough Castle when he was in John of Gaunt's household and some of the characters are based on people he met there!
The Bronte Cabinet looks intriguing too - as Jane Eyre has been one of my favourite books forever I have always been fascinated by Charlotte and her sisters and this sounds as though it approaches their lives from a different angle.
I have a lot of Jane Smiley's books waiting on my shelves too but I think I have only ever actually read one and that was years and years ago. There do seem to be a lot of her books around at the moment - I wonder if some of them are re-issues of older books?
I have had the Emma Smith on my list for a couple of years now having read the two earlier ones and I know the library have a copy but since I am going to try and read more of my own books next year, I am trying to wean myself off requesting any more so it might have to wait a while!
However my copy of Owen Sheers' Resistance has recently re-surfaced so I'm hoping to finally get around to reading it sooner rather than later - several years after I first acquired it!


I see several on here I will have to add to my own list, especially The Bookseller and Almost Famous Women: Stories. I'm usually oblivious to what is coming out when, which is probably good considering my own book gluttony. I still have piles and piles of books I own to read--despite Mount TBR and my efforts to refrain from buying books, I'm still only going to have a small inroad made into the unread stacks. That doesn't mean I won't be on the lookout for new book discoveries, though!


Call me intrigued by The Physics of Sorrow and Step into Nature! The Beautiful Unseen has your name written all over it I am pretty sure :)


At least three on this list are softly whispering to me now. I know over time the whisper will become a howl:"buy me now". It always happens.
Earlier this year I reread part of Julia Kristeva's Strangers to Ourselves. And like in 1995 I didn't find it an easy read. But Step Into Nature, The Beautiful Unseen and The Physics of Sorrow sound very interesting. Just as well I cannot find more information about them just now.


Such a good list. My wish list is so long - I'm hoping someone(s) shorten it, but, really and truly, though not a novel of bio, I'm really hoping for the latest Barefoot Contessa. :)


AS GREEN AS GRASS sounds fabulous; I read the preview and put it on my wish list.

Books I'm waiting for in 2015? New Maisie Dobbs, of course! There's also a new Flavia DeLuce mystery out after the new year.


The Brontë Cabinet sounds extremeley interesting but o doe Julia Kristeva's book. She's not exactly what I'd call a breezy writer though.
But there are other great choices o your list.


Two of my favorite current reads are nonfiction books as a matter of fact. I do hope to read many more next year--heaven knows I have plenty to choose from on my reading piles! The Chaucer and the Bronte books are especially interesting and I might have to buy both of them! I read excerpts from Chaucer in high school and think I would appreciate it far more now--I might contemplate reading the two in tandem! And I think I am going to pull the Emma Smith book on her war work to read over the break--the agonizing choice--what to read on break--start something new or try and keep working through that in progress pile?! Oh, and same for me when it comes to Owen Sheers--I went looking for my copy (hardcover--Had to Have!) and I am not sure where I put it....


That book of stories caught my eye, too! I often see catalogs for new and forthcoming books at the library so it can be hard to resist them. I am trying to make an effort to just write titles down or add them to my wishlist. I want to read much more from my own piles next year, too, so this post might be the last of its kind for a little while. I guess that's a good thing?


Those first two books you mention are very intriguing to me as well. If you get to them first let me know how they are! ;) And it is pretty much a given I will have to get The Beautiful Unseen--sounds sad but good, too.


I often look back on these lists and request them from the library as some are too new or too far out publishing-wise to find them at the library yet. So I can sympathize! I was thinking Kristeva is definitely an intellectual and wasn't sure how accessible her writing would be. I may at least see if I can track down a copy to peruse. I like the sound of it, though. It never hurts to jot down titles-I like sharing them here so I can look them up later! :)


Mine is too long, too. I have pages and pages on Amazon of books I want or am interested in. Someday I need to go through and delete out those that I am not likely to get now or bought...Isn't the Barefoot Contessa a chef and food writer? As a matter of fact I have a cookbook waiting for me at the library right now! I used to love 'collecting' cookbooks, but I am not much of a cook--lovely to look at however!


I also added As Green as Grass to my library requests--which makes me think I need to read that second memoir sooner rather than later. Yay for the new Maisie Dobbs, which reminds me I need to go and look and see if it is listed yet on my library online catalog. I have yet to read any of the Flavia mysteries but I hear they are good.


I love the sort of social history that the Bronte book uses to tell the story of their lives--you learn not only about the writers but also about the period they lived and worked. I think it is going to be a must-have for me. I wondered about Julia Kristeva and how easy or hard her books would be--will have to see what my library has just to get a taste. I have lots of good books on my wishlist-fingers crossed I get a gift card or two for the holidays!


Ooh dear, I've just transferred a whole host of these onto my own wish list! Though I do already have an advance copy of the Paul Strohm - I'll let you know if it's any good! I really must read Emma Smith - I've heard only wonderful things about her.


Oh, yes, please do tell me how you get on with the Strohm--it sounds like such a great idea and if done well would be so interesting. I might even think of rereading Chaucer now! :) I want to pull out Emma Smith's previous book now and read it in anticipation--maybe over the break. I want to try hard and read mostly from my own piles, but with a list of books like this it makes it difficult!

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