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I have considered A Tale for the Time Being over and over again just by virtue of the fact that I like the cover so much. Afraid it will have to wait a few months as I accepted the TBR challenge and just made my last trip to the book store for a bit. Maybe. The Dead is a real favorite of mine and like The Awakening, I like it a bit more each time I read it. And I do have an unread copy of Founding Gardeners so this is just the push I need to unearth it. Pun intended. Love the list! Happy reading in the new year!


I'm taking note of several of these for sure! I think one of the ones I'm most interested in is the Deborah Moggach book. I read one of her novels several years ago and really enjoyed it but hadn't come across another of her books. Onwards to a great reading year!

elizabeth Wix

So touched you mentioned Ruth & Gisela! You are so kind.
Also most interested that you enjoy Debbie Moggach's writing.
It was her early "You Must be Sisters" that got me going to write my first novel.
I have met her in London.
I think Tulip Fever was her best.

I'm so happy you are out there reading way and spreading all the good reading news.
HAPPY 2015!


I agree that A Tale for the Time Being is an outstanding read. I loved it so much I might be due for a reread in 2015! Lots of other great titles in your list, many of which I haven't read...thanks!


I agree, A Tale for the Time Being is an outstanding read -- I loved it so much I think I may be due for a reread in 2015! Lots of other great titles on your list that I haven't yet read...thanks!


That is a really interesting list -- I haven't read any of them except for The Wicked Girls, and that was on your recommendation. And it turned out to be one of MY best reads in 2014 too.


An interesting list, Dani. I've read a couple of Couperus but not EV. It's on the tbr shelves though thanks to your review. Mary Stewart is always fun & comforting as well. Parnassus on Wheels is just a delight, isn't it? The sequel is not as good but worth reading just to catch up with the characters again. Happy New Year!


Marvelous list and post, Danielle . Happy New Year.


Definitely some fascinating sounding books here, Danielle. I know I'll eventually be searching out some of them, starting with the Ozeki.

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year Danielle, and thanks for an interesting list!

The Dead does have such an impact in so few pages, and happily the other stories in Dubliners are as memorable.

I must read more of the Israeli novelists, whose reputations seem well deserved. The Lover sounds like a good starting point.

vicki (skiourophile/bibliolathas)

I read Parnassus on Wheels after your review and it is one of my best books of the year (I hope I will eventually get around to compiling that list - but isn't it SO HARD?!). Here's to another excellent year of great finds in 2015!

Christine Harding

Parnassus on Wheels is wonderful - an absolute joy but, as Lyn says, the sequel is disappointing.


Look at all those good books! And yay for Founding Gardeners! It made it on my favorites list too.


It is a most excellent book whenever you do get to it! And I love the cover design, too. I am going to read much more from my own stacks this year, too, so I will be reading along with you in spirit. But I will probably (shhh) still be buying a book or two along the way. I loved The Dead and when I read The Awakening, loved that, too. I will have to reread the Chopin this year, I think. Founding Gardeners was a wonderful read--one of the best NF books I have read in a long time. Happy reading in 2015 to you, too!


After I read the Moggach I pretty much bought all her other books, and she has quite a few! I will be reading more of her this coming year for sure. I think I mostly bought used copies, as I am not sure how many were ever published in the US, which is a real pity! Yes, a new reading year--something good to look forward to!


I really did enjoy it, and loved that you were willing to share your history and the story behind the book here--it always makes the reading experience so much richer! How cool that you have met Deborah Moggach--loved her writing. I have Tulip Fever so will push that one to the top of the stack! Thanks for the kind words--they are most appreciated. Happy 2015! :)


Sorry Typepad held back your comments--I retrieved them--it has been naughty lately! I could easily reread the Ozeki and when I finished I immediately dug out the other two books by her I own. I have not yet had a chance to read them, but I most certainly will get to them eventually. So glad you enjoyed the list--I am looking forward to making the rounds myself and will do so with a pen and paper in hand.


It's fun seeing which books stood out for each reader--always a good way to be introduced to new books! I loved The Wicked Girls--I am a picky audio book listener and that was an exceptional one in a variety of ways. I'm glad you enjoyed it too!


If you like Couperus, I can highly recommend EV! It was a great read--and even though it is a big book, it didn't really feel that way as I was reading. I love Mary Stewart and expect there will be one or to of her unread books somewhere in my reading this year. I was almost going to read the sequel to Parnassus, but then I heard it wasn't quite as good, so it got shifted about a little. I will definitely pick it up eventually though. Happy New Year Lyn!


Thanks Penny--it's always fun to look back on the reading year. Happy 2015!


I think you would like the Ozeki--she is such a good writer! I found some wonderful new writers that I will be reading more of in the coming year, I hope. Happy New Year to you, too, Kathy!


Hi Sarah--Joyce has always intimidated me, but I loved The Dead. I will have to try reading the rest of Dubliners--I think that is one of his books that I can actually manage without too much struggle. I am glad there are other good stories in the collection. I read quite a few wonderful novels by Israeli writers and really loved them--so worth searching out. I am taking another class later this month of contemporary Israeli fiction and film so I hope to have more to share! AB Yehoshua is excellent--I went out and bought two more of his books so I plan on reading more of him as well. The Lover was great!


I am always so thrilled when someone reads a book I read and loved and they love it too! Isn't it a delightful story?! It is hard--I thought I might not have so many stand out books, but then when I looked back realized I actually had too many to put in a list! I think this is going to be a great reading year--so looking forward to more bookish chat with you, too!


It is one of those books where I have to say--why did I wait so long to read this?? Too bad the sequel isn't quite as good, but I plan on reading it in any case--I have the companion Melville House novella.


Founding Gardeners was excellent--I want to read her other books--maybe this year? I did have a nice string of good reads!


I loved both Black Lake and The Ghost of the Mary Celeste, both of which I read after your recommendation of them but I didn't enjoy Every Eye as much as I thought I would - maybe it didn't come at the right time for me as my reading was all over the place in 2014!
I still have a copy of Founding Gardeners in my library pile so must get around to that - I started reading it a while ago and was enjoying it but it fell by the wayside so I will resurrect it over the weekend before I get to the maximum number of times I can renew it!
Other than that, I have decided not to buy or borrow any more books, at least until the end of April, and hope to try and read more from my own overflowing shelves.
That's the theory anyway.
Unfortunately it was the theory in 2014 as well and in 2013, both of which were epic fails so we will just have to see if I can summon more willpower this year and keep a tighter hold on my finances!


Of all the favourites lists, yours is such a dangerous one as I know we often like the same sort of thing! Several titles have now made their way into my wish list for 2015. I'm really glad that some of the books you read for Shiny are here too - it makes me feel less guilty for sending out review copies when those books end up pleasing their recipients!


You are daring! :) Actually I am all for trying to reign in new purchases and library borrows, but I know that with a few gift cards burning a hole in my pocket I will not be able to resist too much. As long as I use the gift cards and stick to working with a budget it should be okay.... I'm glad you liked Black Lake and The Ghost of the Mary Celeste--I thought they were both really good! I can see where the Isobel English might be a little iffy--it came around at just the right time for me--I liked the way the story was constructed. I loved Founding Gardeners, but if I don't regularly pick up any nonfiction book I tend to not reach for them as often as I do a novel. It doesn't matter how good a book is or how engaging--I have a bad track record in general with NF. I would love to read more this year, but I know I say that every year. You always know what I am reading--so what are you reading at the moment?? :)


We do have a lot of shared reading interests, don't we--and while I didn't leave a comment on your favorites post, I read it with much interest and noted down a number of titles, too! A few were already on my own piles and perhaps that is just the little nudge I will need to pick them up. I enjoyed all the books I read for SNB--those were especially good, I thought! And I don't mind at all reading for SNB when the opportunity arises!


I knew I'd love your list and I do.
I'm glad that I already own some of the books you liked.
I almost put "My Dear . . ." on the list as well but looking back - Killer Amgels stayed with me much more.
I'm collecting Amos Oz books. I should finally read them.


I think we have a lot of crossover when it comes to bookish interests--almost always when you talk about a book I want to read it, too! Although I didn't do so well last year with the war books, I have always enjoyed reading your choices and this year should be much better for me! I was just thinking I might pick up the next book by Louisa Young as I am almost ready to revisit those characters--I very much fell into their lives and found them all so fascinating--that was such a good read for me. I expect the next books is less harrowing.... I loved what I read by Oz--I read some of his short stories, too, which I never wrote about and some excerpts from his memoir, A Tale of Love and Darkness. You know there is a movie coming out about it, right? I would love to read the book before seeing the movie, but it is a chunky one!


I added Moggach's In The Dark to my wishlist last night. Today, I visited a library just outside of Stockholm where I live, and there it was! It must be fate.


Serendipity! :) I think it is fate that you found that book--now you'll have to give it a go and see how wonderful she is! I bought a whole stack of her books when I finished this one, and now this year plan on getting around to reading a few of them! And how cool you live in Stockholm--a place I would love to visit someday!

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