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Wow - great review, Danielle! This sounds like a gripping story, and I love the idea of a twist at the end. I'll bet it does set the novella apart from a lot of other versions of this story. I think it's an oddly feminist story, as often the underlying message is that women don't necessarily want what they are supposed to want. And sometimes, they have a desire for adventure, thrill and danger that is generally only permitted to men. I've not read much Stefan Zweig but what I have has been excellent - sounds like this is no different!


Your review did it. I'm really careful what/hoe much I put on my reading list for the coming year but Fear has secured a place now.


Ooh this sounds really good! I have to get around to reading more Zweig. Post Office Girl was great and you have made all the other of his books sound so enticing!


It is a theme that does seem to be written about quite often. The twist was interesting--I loved it for how Zweig took the story, though I am not sure how I feel about what the character (the husband did)--it was interesting and would make for a good discussion. If you go read it anytime soon I would love to hear your take on it. Women don't get away with that thrill of adventure, do they? I do love Stefan Zweig--everything I have read by him has been very well done!


I think you will find it a very interesting and well done read. It is also not terribly long and so I think it will work well for you--a nicely done story, well written (and beautifully translated--not sure if you will read it in Dutch or English?) and thoughtful too. Please do let me know when you get to it and what you think-I am very curious to know what other readers make of it.


The Post Office Girl was really good, too. I remember when the Slaves read it. He is really good at the shorter form of the story--my library has most of his books and I should really get around to reading more of them, though I have that luscious collection of stories by Pushkin Press--perhaps I will get to dip into it over the break!


It's been ages since I read any Zweig, you made me want to pick it up again!


Wonderful review, Danielle and one that puts me in the mood to go and find a copy roght away. If I'm lucky it's among his collected works that I just downloaded. I'm so curious to find out how it ends, what twist he uses.


Please do add it to our review site. People are still adding posts.


He's wonderful! It sounds like you like him, too, so you should go and grab one of his books! I have that new Pushkin Press collection of short stories that is lovely--must get back to it!


I hope this is one that is part of that collection. He was pretty prolific when it comes to short stories--thinking about the many collections I have seen. I would be most curious to know what you think of the ending!. . . .


Thanks--I will pop on over now and see if I can find the right place!

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