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Sugar Zach reminds me of the dear feline that still walks the rooms of my memories often. I don't know if I could bear reading about him.


Hi Cath--it was a little uncanny how well she captured that cat personality! He reminded me of my own two cats, which I still miss. It was surprisingly sad (though ended on a happy note!) and so very true as I had the same experience (without going into details) with my own Chispa and Dulce!

Liz F

Sounds a lovely book and it has gone into my notebook but I won't be looking for it just yet - would be a bit close to home after losing two of my felines this year!


This sounds like such a sweet story! Waldo is laying across my legs as I type. I pretty much have a cat escort no matter where I am in the house!


It is a sweet book and I am glad you noted it down. But yes, if memories of losing two cats is still too fresh, a little time and distance is not a bad idea at all! I have a couple of other cat books I might have to pull out for next year now!


I know exactly how that goes. Dulce was always my constant companion. She even followed me in the bathroom in the mornings when I would brush my teeth and hair and get ready for work. I still miss her! Isn't it funny how such a small animal can throw off so much heat?!


It really does sound lovely. They are such great animals and every one of them has another character. I've had mine six years now and am still so often surprised and amused. And touched as well.


I really miss my cats--both of them--even a year or two later. They do have quite distinct personalities--I would often wonder what they would say if they could talk! I want to get another but my budget just won't allow right now. If they are young and healthy there is no problem, but when they begin to have health issues, it can get very costly.

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