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vicki (skiourophile/bibliolathas)

I had to download the Christmas crime stories *immediately* I read your thoughts - I always like to read something Xmas-y, so what a treat.

Liz F

I love the retro cover on the collection - very tempting though I have no business whatsoever in being tempted as I have now officially run out of shelf space until I either read some of my own books or have a massive clear out!
Will have to fire up that will-power!
Must admit that I have never read anything by Dave Eggars although he was very high profile over here a few years ago; I did once think of compiling a list of authors that I hadn't read but should but came to the conclusion that the vast number would just depress me!


Christmas crime, more than just the Grinch? Who knew?


I thought of you when I was looking this collection over! I'm not sure what the digital format will be like, but the book is nice and oversize--though not one I can drag around with me, alas. It has a great collection of stories by all the good names and a few surprises, too. Enjoy! Merry (Murderous) Christmas! ;)


Isn't it fun? There are a number of books like this in that series. Someday I will add to the one I own. I had out a locked room mystery collection from the library, but, story of my life--didn't get to do more than look it over. I bought this earlier in the year, so it was a nice treat. No book buying for me now, until after the holidays and I get a gift card or two (fingers crossed). I have not read anything by Dave Eggers either--though I know he has a number of really popular books out. My list of authors would be quite long, too--


Hah--the Grinch. I forgot about him. He should have gotten a space in the book, too. I had no idea there were so many Christmas related crime stories! I guess crooks never take a day off, eh!


I haven't read Dave Eggers yet but amybe I should.
This sounds like a fun collection. I love all kinds of Christmas stories. I've got one with werewolves. :)


Hah--that sounds like fun, too. How on earth do they manage to put together such quirky collections? I am already looking forward to reading another story from this one this weekend. May have to go now and look through to see what I might read. I should read Dave Eggers now, but I don't think I will get to his books too soon, though this story was really interesting.


I just bought another one. A YA collection "My True Love Gave to Me. It sounds wonderful.


I have never read a YA collection of stories--you'll have to tell me how you like it. The title sounds interesting.

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