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I liked Cuckoo Calling very much, you're right, the characters definitely draw you in. I liked Silkworm even more. Can't wait for the next in the series. I read that it's going to be a tv series in England, hope they don't mess it up.


I haven't read this, but after your description I just might. It sounds an interesting tale, and I loved the Harry Potter books. I know they're not the same sort of book, but I would be interested to see how Ms. Rowling writes in this persona.

Sam Sattler

For some reason, I've always been a bit put off by Rowling and the uproar her Potter books caused. The only reading I've done of her work is about 15% of the first Potter book and then I put her aside without much of a thought. Yours is the first review of her later work that might get me to give her writing another shot...thanks for that...I think.


I had no idea this book was so long! Glad you enjoyed it. It's really too bad Rowling was "outed" as the author. But at least it got to be out in the world on its own merits for a little while.


So glad you liked the second book better even than the first--now I have something to look forward to. I was thinking this would make a great movie--such interesting characters. I will be very interested to hear who they have play Strike!


I quite enjoyed all the Harry Potter books and have all of them in hardcover (more a matter of not wanting to wait in line for the books at the library than any desire to have the cloth for posterity's sake), but I know they don't appeal to everyone and that's cool, too. I bought the mystery more because the story sounded good than the fact that she wrote it-I think I was even a little dismissive initially, but I heard from other readers that they liked it and so decided to give it a go and am glad I did. Maybe you can read a sample of it before buying it outright to read.


My sister asked if I could tell it was her writing, but to be honest I really couldn't (not to say someone else might think differently). She knows how to tell a good story, if nothing else. I think you might like it--if you do decide to give it a go!


It is pretty long for a typical mystery, but I guess it is closer to a crime novel. I think your average mystery comes in at about 350-ish pages, but anything goes these days really! I didn't really think about who wrote it as I was reading--just enjoyed the story, but I think some readers might have been put off when they heard who really wrote it. It is too bad that her books will simply be judged on their own merits rather than the fact that She wrote the book.


I bought this wehn it came out but now I wished I had waited for the smaller edition. Same story as what I mentioned before. I can hardly hold these books. I've heard only good things about this book and since you like it as well, I'm sure I will like it too. I'm not that much of a Harry Potter fan but she's great at plotting.
Cormoran Strike is a strange name. She seems to like unusual name. It's a trademark and I think it does work.


I never really thought of the Potter books when I was reading. She is a good plotter and knows how to move a story along, plus the characters were so interesting. I have no idea how she comes up with some of those names, however! I try and avoid buying hardcovers as they can be such a pain to carry about--and as I read on a treadmill, it really is hard having to hold on to them, so I am with you there! I have an excellent book of short stories by women, but the book was only in cloth and as it is really hefty I have just let it sit. I was going to use it for my short story reading this year, but in the end I opted for something else to start out with as I can't imaging lugging it around and I am not sure I will be so dedicated as to only read my short stories while at home. Sometimes those hardcovers are not at all practical--as nice as they look on your bookshelves!

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