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I had not heard of this book, it sounds intriguing.


I really liked it--one of the things I love about my class is being introduced to new (new to me anyway) books and authors!


Wow, this book sounds really intense. Did you read it for your class? If so, I bet it was a good discussion!


Sounds really good. I saw the movie but didn't like it so much. I can see how it would work well as a book.
I hope to get to it some day.


I did read it for my class--read it last semester, but we did an excerpt from it and then watched the film for this class, too. I only skimmed a bit but didn't reread the whole book. It was really good and really sad. We did have a good discussion--all the more so as that war was reminiscent of Vietnam and a number of the ladies in the class had vivid memories of Vietnam. SO, there was lots to talk about.


I liked the book a lot. I actually did like the movie, though I think it was changed somewhat from the book. Do give the book a go--I think you will like it.

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