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I love the sound of this book and will definitely look for a copy. You mention May Sarton - I've read one of her books and I struggled with it. Perhaps I should give her another try.

Lisbeth@The Content Reader

Lovely post. You have really intriuged me with this book. I will try to find it. I am also fascinated by the difference of solitude and lonelyness, being a person of solitude myself, but not lonely.


I am already looking forward to tomorrow to start reading February.


OK, I want a copy of this book NOW. It sounds completely up my alley, with essays and journal entries and solitude!


Wonderful post, Danielle. Makes me want to go and find a copy as well.
We were so lucky this winter. one cold week and that was it. And only about three days of below zwero temperatures. I have a handwarmer like that as well though. You never know . . .
You had a very long strech of icy cold weather.

Liz F

Oh this sounds good! Just the sort of book I love - and the sort of thing that I would love to do if I were braver!
The thought of living miles from anywhere has always appealed to me although I would have to do it on my own as all the rest of my family are far more urban and gregarious than I am.
After a fairly mild start to the year we now have quite a cold snap (for us anyway)with temperatures not getting above about 3C and a north wind which makes it feel even colder though I am well aware that that is absolutely nothing to what you have had to deal with!
Quite nice today though - below freezing but bright and sunny and not bad to be out in so long as you are wrapped up!


I have read a couple of books by May Sarton and loved them both--A Journal of a Solitude and a novel--The Small Room. I want to read more of her work, but I do think you have to be in the right mood for it. She has written a number of journals which are what I would like to pick up next. Maybe one that you can just dip into occasionally?


This is a lovely find of a book and had my friend Cath not sent it to me I suspect I would not have come across it. I am a very solitary person as well--I really need my alone time. Occasionally though I find that I want to be around people and as most of my really close friends no longer live in my same time, I do have the odd moment of loneliness, too. Anyway, I think this is going to be a really wonderful read.


I'll be dipping into it soon as well--will wait until the weekend, though. Feel free to add to the Google Doc whenever you like and in however format--I think I get a notification any time you add something to it! Happy reading! :)


Yes, I think as a writer and a creative person it is a book you will find really interesting! Let me know what you think if you can get your hands on a copy!


It has been a really weird winter for us. A stretch of miserably cold weather--the sort that made me exhausted having to walk in it. Then a stretch of above normal temperatures--strangely so but I was not about to complain. And then this weekend? We got dumped on with abot 8" of snow--not as much as the east coast, I realize, but enough to make it miserable once again. Too much snow to navigate very easily as a walker--too high to walk through which means I have to walk in the street, which makes me nervous. It had to happen eventually--there was no way we would get away with not having some snow. By the way, I saw a film short this weekend (an Oscar nominee) called Parveneh that is set in Zurich (?), I think. It looked beautiful there--all snowy! Oh, and the book is really good, too. I thin you would enjoy it as a writer and a reader! :)


I have this fascination with Wales for some odd reason. I am not sure I will ever manage to get there, but I bet it is really beautiful. I would like to think I could do it, too, if only for the peace and quiet, but then again, I am not so sure being fond of my creature comforts. And I might worry, too, about being all alone. I like the idea, though, of being self-sufficient. It is cold here again and now we have 8" of snow to contend with that we got over the weekend. It is beautiful, but miserable to walk in since no one cleans their sidewalks--familiar refrain? I complain about this every time it snow. Usually I just plow right through it, but there is so much and then the snow plows shove the snow from the streets to the sides making it treacherous to walk. Ugh. :)


Sounds like a lovely book that will make a wonderful serial read. Off to a good start too. Your comment that you live somewhere so new made me remember when my mother-in-law visited one time and we were driving somewhere and she commented on all the wonderful old buildings. Old? Buildings from the early 20th century are old? But then she lives in Las Vegas where none of the buildings are old. So it's all a matter of perspective I guess!


I think it is going to work well, too. It's a nice combination of writing and memoir and nature. That is funny--I suppose that compared to those hotels in Las Vegas our downtown buildings would look 'old'! A different perspective when you think of say, pre-Roman ruins or a 200 year old (!) house! And I thought My house, built in the late 1870s was old. Ha.

Liz F

Being a bit contrary I prefer walking through snow on pavements rather than risking my neck on the ones which have been theoretically cleared but end up being like skating rinks covered in black ice as I have a strange aversion to falling over nowadays!
I still rather like the idea of being snowed up somewhere remote so long as I had made sure to be prepared with enough fuel, food and water but I think that I would need an animal companion of some sort: a friend of mine used to have the perfect combination of a big furry lurcher dog (a mixture of a greyhound and a deerhound) and a couple of equally big furry cats which all used to curl up on the hearthrug together!
As a complete contrast to Las Vegas - junior daughter is now living in Rome in a part of the city which has a mixture of 2,000 year old ruins cheek by jowl with 21st century apartments and cafes. She absolutely adores it (the view from her bedroom windows three floors up is amazing) but is still finding it slightly surreal that on her way to uni she can touch a piece of stonework that was standing there when the Caesars ruled a large part of the known world.


I am much more Rome than Vegas, I can tell you! :) I would love to live somewhere like that. I think I would be in awe most of the time and it would indeed feel surreal. Will you get to go visit junior daughter? Fingers crossed for you! I know what you mean about it being easier to walk on snow than on icy concrete. As long as there is somewhere with decent traction. We just have a bit too much snow to be able to walk on it when it has been unshoveled. It's more like wading through it. Strange weather here as we have more than 8" of snow and are forecast to get another 3-5" tomorrow in the morning rush (ugh) but by Friday it is supposed to be milder again--in the 40sF! Thankfully it will begin melting off. This is why it is so much nicer when it snows in February than December or January--it doesn't last for months! And I have not slipped and fallen yet on the snow or ice, but I am taking it as easy as I can to avoid it. Too many of my coworkers have fallen and broken wrists and ankles and it does not sound a happy prospect at all!


Have started my copy of At the Source and the writing is beautiful, as is the book itself (I have always loved hares and the illustration on the front is gorgeous)
Now have four nature related books on the go!
If you are having a Welsh moment, have you read The Life of Rebecca Jones by Angharad Price? It is a gorgeous book translated from the Welsh and would really tie in with At the Source.
It is quite a slight volume but so beautifully written that I was almost bewitched by it. Definitely one worth looking out for!


Oh dear, had to have it! I shouldn't have but I did. I am very much enjoying At the Source, too. So glad you picked it up as well. I am in a nature mood and want to pick up something by Roger Deakin, but my pile is already so massive....not sure when I am meant to be reading yet another one...

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