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vicki @ bibliolathas

Cunning of you to combine your two interests of short stories and Israeli lit, Danielle - I imagine that having a sort of 'guide' to reading is tremendously helpful in unfamiliar territories (and then the double blessing of not actually having to write the assignments!).


I can't wait to hear what stories and authors you'll discover from this class! I've had one of Etgar Keret's books on my TBR list for a while but you know how it goes.


Yes, all in all a good thing! I had never read any Israeli literature before my introduction to it last fall, but I find that I enjoy it immensely. And yay for short stories. I am always happy to discover a new short story writer. I am not sure why I never took advantage of auditing classes before--now I hope to take one each semester.


I do know how it goes! Hopefully this time around I will be better at actually writing about my reading. And Etgar Keret was new to me, so I'm happy to be discovering lots of new authors. We'll be watching lots of films, too.


Yay! The class is off to a good start! And Keret seems like a really interesting writer. I like the sound of the Suddenly a Knock on the Door story!


It's a nice little collection--we'll be reading more stories by him later in the semester. Next up is a book I read for my last class, so I can already look forward to the next book, which is by a woman author who was longlisted for the Orange Prize a couple of years ago--yay! (I wanted to read her in any case and had even bought the book in hardcover!).


I for one wasn't familiar with any of the names you mention so I'Il be following your posts with great interest.


This week we read passages from Ron Leshem's Beaufort which was a reread (though only skimmed again for class) for me as we covered it last semester in my other class. I hope maybe I can actually write about it in the next few days while it is once again fresh in my mind. Next week is Waltz With Bashir--we will watch the movie, which I suspect you have already seen? I did buy a used copy of the graphic novel, which I think I can manage to read this weekend. So, we're off to a good start!

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