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I love reading your short story sundays finds. I'm reminded that I need to add more short stories to my life!


Short stories, even if you enjoy reading them, are so easy to overlook. I do this partly just to 'make myself' read at least one (though usually I end up reading two or three) a week. Knowing I will write about it puts me into the habit. :)


I know that Olsen story! Such a sad one. And what a great accidental pairing too.


It was very good, though a little bleak. I have a few of Tillie Olsen's books which I should get around to reading someday since she is a NE author! I liked the New Yorker story, too, though perhaps not quite as much as the Olsen. The next issue of the NY has been downloaded onto my ipad so I'll go see what I have to look forward to--my paper copy won't get here until Friday!


That Olsen story sounds so good. I liked the title immediately because it sounds so domestic but one knows right away there will be layers of meaning.


She is ironing but reflecting too on her life--it is nicely done. I think Tillie Olsen had an interesting and perhaps hard life so she knows well of what she writes. I have several of her books-I keep meaning to pick one up, but I have at least gotten a taste of her writing finally. This weekend's story is one by Elizabeth Taylor--I have been really looking forward to it. And my New Yorker came today and the story is by Toni Morrison! It should be another good pairing.

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