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Liz F

I have only ever read one Japanese author - I think it was Banana Yoshimoto's 'Kitchen' and I didn't get to the half way point before realising that it wasn't for me.
Despite that I do have a couple of Murakami novels on my shelves (Kafka on the Shore and Norwegian Wood)that I was persuaded into buying and a copy of The Wind Up Bird Chronicle that was pressed on me by a Murakami devotee, but I haven't been brave enough to try any of them yet!


If I like your review so much I surely will like the book as well I guess. I have a difficult relationship with Murakami, somehow up to now his books didn't click with me. Maybe I should try again.


I read one of his books, right off I can't remember the title, but found it so strange. My daughter loves him and preorders every new book he puts out.
After thinking more about The Breadman from yesterday I realized that parts of it reminded me of an episode on Seinfeld, The Soup Nazi.


I have not read many Japanese authors--just a very small handful--have you tried Natsuo Kirino, who writes crime fiction? I think you might like her-she's very good, very accessible and the books are page turners. I was just thinking I need to pick up another of her books to read soon. I read "Kitchen" too, but that was so long ago I don't remember much about it--I think I got on better with it than you did, though. Murakami has always been someone who was just off the radar. I didn't have much desire to try him until I read one of his short stories in the New Yorker last year--it was fairly straightforward so easy going. I am not sure I am ready to pick up just any of his books, but some of the stories that are not too wild and out there do hold appeal for me. I have Dance Dance Dance and just ordered Norwegian Wood. There might come a day when he sounds really good to you, but until then, there are plenty of other good books out there! I will put in a good word for Sputnik Sweetheart, though. It is a short book and not too unusual!


I really enjoyed the story and I really enjoyed writing about it. For once, it was actually pretty easy--I found as I was going that I had more to say about it than I thought! I think he is not an easy writer and had I tried him when I was younger, I am not sure I would have managed him well. But he came around at just the right time for me, it would seem. This was a good place for me to start--maybe you could find a library copy and see if it works better than his other books. Some of his stories, I will admit, do sound a little out there for me, too!


I wonder which book you read? When I had read about him before he held no appeal to be honest. I think timing is really everything! I am not sure I would pick up just any book by him, but I will certainly read more. I never did watch Seinfeld, but is one of the episodes is reminiscent of the story, I wouldn't mind watching it! Will have to see if I can find it online?


This is one of those books I loved when I read it but sadly I've forgotten all about it by now. I rember the mood though which I thought was lovely.


I hate it the way stories fade from memory so quickly, which is why I do like to reread and am always so loathe to weed too many of my books--for fear I will have the urge to read a book again. I really loved this one, and now want to read more Japanese fiction in general (more of Murakami and something by Natsuo Kirino--have you read her?).


Oh yay! I am so glad you liked the book and are now a Murakmai fan. You are ready for something else of his that is a bit weirder now :)


What an unexpected treat! After enjoying his short story last year I had a feeling I might like his work. Great choice for a first book to pick up by him. I do think I am ready for something a little more 'challenging'! I have Dance Dance Dance and I've just ordered Norwegian Wood. Maybe I'll end up adding all his books to my collection! Will have to be on the lookout for his work at the used bookstore now!


Which is your favorite?


I haven't read Kirino. I don't think I'd love her that much. She seems to be rather gruesome.


Actually now that I think about it, she ison the more graphic side, which normally I try and avoid as well. However, she is such a good writer andan excellent storyteller, I can manage to read her and not be too put off by the violence or descriptions. Itnever seems gratuitous. But I can see where you mightwant to bypass her.


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