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Sam Sattler

I remember enjoying (maybe in the eighties and nineties?) Len Deighton's series in which he pretty much covered the career of one British spy and his cohorts. It is six books: Berlin Game, London Match, Mexico Game, Spy Hook, Spy Line, and Spy Sinker. They were written over a number of years and, as I recall, they were well written. Of course, that was a long time ago, and I might feel differently if I went back to reread them...that's always the danger in doing something like that.


I have a couple of Len Deighton's books around somewhere and I think I would like him. He's one of those writers I know is around but I never seem to remember when I am making up my mental lists of books to read (no reflection on him, just not as familiar with his books). I know what you mean by some books having such fond memories attached to them but that were read at a certain point in life and you wonder if you would feel so warmly about them by revisiting them now!


I've only read Le Carrés The Constant Gardener and was impressed. I think he's one of a few "spy authors" I'd love the read more of.


I only have this one of his books on hand but I was looking through his backlist and reading about some of the books and there are quite a few that do sound very appealing! If you are going to just choose one, I get the feeling he is a very good choice.


Everything by Le Carre, Deighton for sure, Bourne is not in their category, but pretty good, Graham Greene is excellent.


There's a recent review of the Le Carre here:-

A good start on his work - less dauntingly opaque than Smiley's People et al.


How fun! What a great idea to read them as a pair! I look forward to the comparisons!


All authors I have on my wishlist... I'm starting with Le Carre and Graham Greene is also high up on my list, too! I never thought the Bourne books would appeal, but I am actually taking a second look at them now!


Hi Jeff--thanks so much for the link to Matt's review--I took a peek and was happy to see he liked it, as I value his opinion--he is a discerning reader! I'm glad this is a good place to start with him--he has so many books to choose from!


Do you have a favorite?


It seemed like a good idea at the time, though now reality sets in and I see just how much (really...little) free reading time I have. So I will do my best. I think both will be really good reads. Must invent a little extra reading time somehow! :)

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