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Bride of the Book God

Ooh, I think I have this somewhere so thank you for the reminder, I must dig it out and read it soon.


Sounds really good!!


It was a shelf sitter of my own as you see, and one I was happy to finally read! I hope you enjoy it, too!


It was! I am very much in a spy fiction mood--even though this sort of wasn't a traditional spy story....

Margaret Powling

I bought this when it was newly-published, started it, didn't get on with it but I might give it another go!


I think I remember this one from years back. The cover looks familiar. What a lovely job you did on your review. Makes me want to run out and get this book. I'm placing it on my list to check out. Enjoy your "season of spies"!


Once upon a time you pointed me to The Solitude of Thomas Cave, and if buying my own copy after reading the copy from the library isn't enough praise, I don't know what is. I think I just experienced you pointing again.


This sounds good. Very good, Danielle. I will most definitely keep it in mind.


It is a good read isn't it? Glad you liked it.
The Painter of Silence is similarly good but a quite different book. I am currently reading one of her earlier, non-fiction, books about her travels in eastern Europe, specifically in Romania, in the 80's, and can recommend it to anyone who would like to find out more about that part of the world when the Iron Curtain was very much in place.


I have read The Painter of Silence, which I really enjoyed, I am sure you will too! I didn't know she had written other books, I must investigate! Lovely review, thank you. :)


Ooh, I'm not one to generally read spy stories but you have caught my interest with this one!


I read Painter of Silence years ago and really enjoyed it. Although I had also read reviews of The Spy Game some time back and thought it sounded interesting, I never quite goy around to reading the book itself (a common occurrence!). Until your review, I hadn't made the connection that Harding wrote both novels. Harding's a wonderful writer; your review moves The Spy Game up several spaces on my TBR list!


Maybe the timing was off. Sometimes if I am not in the right mood, trying to read a book that doesn't quite appeal, just puts me off it. Have you tried either of her other novels? I really liked her first and am looking forward to her more recent one now.


I had to have it in hardcover! It has taken me several years to get to it but I finally did--so worth the wait. I am very much enjoying my spy novels--just need more free time! :)


I really liked The Solitude of Thomas Cave and I was expecting to like The Spy Game, too, so I was not disappointed! I think you would like it as well--fingers crossed that you can find it at your library!


It's a gorgeous read--she writes really wonderful prose and it is a book that surely should get more attention!


Yes, you were so right! I am very tempted to go and grab Painter of Silence, but I know I have other books that need to be finished first so I will try and resist. Strangely (or maybe not so much?) I have long been intrigued by Eastern Europe during the Cold War. I really should check out her NF books, as the one on Romania certainly appeals. Maybe that is where my interest in spy stories comes from as well.


Thanks for the kind words and I am always happy to point people in the direction of good books, and this is most definitely a very good read. I am so glad to hear good things about The Painter of Silence since it sits on my reading pile--I am very much looking forward to reading it sooner rather than later now!


I think this is a story that would appeal to readers who are not into spy stories--it's really about a lot of other things, but this fantasy that the children make up about their mother is the perfect way to tell a story that is really quite introspective. I think you would like it!


There are just way too many really good books out there, or books that sound good anyway. I have that same problem--I read a book and love it and then want to read all the other books by the same author, but it is so hard when others then begin to beckon! :) Her books all sound different, yet they are quite similar in style and themes I think--just how she approaches the subjects is different from one story to the next. I think I might go and pull out my copy of The Painter of Silence...just to look at it! ;)


I've got Painter of Silence but this sounds good too.
I could imagine that's the kind of spy story I'd like as well.
How I know those "I have to get this now" - moments. I've got so many hardbacks that are at least five years old and not read yet.


It seems that all her books are a little different in terms of story, but the themes she writes about are similar. I am looking forward to picking up Painter of Silence and had I not already had so many books in progress I would do so now! This is not a typical spy story, but has so much more to think about--you might get on well with it. I can't tell you how often I have bought hardcovers with so much anticipation for reading but still they sit here--so much time has passed. Maybe this year I will be able to get more than a few (finally!) read!

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