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This does sound really good. Don Lope sounds exactly like my mother described her grandfather. Exactly the same type. maybe it's southern thing. He was an old Italian beau.
I need to put this on the wish list.
I've got The Door and have read very different reviews. I remmeber Tom (A Common Reader) loved it while Max (Pechorin's Journal) didn't find anything good to say.
I would love to get the subscription but ordering it from here it's too expensive.


I've never heard of this author and it definitely sounds like I'm missing out. How wonderful that you are continuing with your NYRB subscription. The few NYRB books I've read have been fantastic. Like you said, maybe some more challenging than others but worthwhile reads. I forgot, is it the book a surprise? Or do you know which book you will get?


I started reading it because it was short and was part of my subscription--and while I didn't read all the books I received last year (read far fewer than the year before . . .) it sounded interesting and I knew I wanted to try his work. I was pleasantly surprised by the writing which is really good, but it was sort of a curious story. The character was certainly something and I know people like him exist--convinced they are doing nothing wrong but almost shocking by what they think nonetheless! A gentleman but not at all. The Door looks really interesting, too, and I don't think I have ever read anything translated from Hungarian! I love the subscription and while it is worth it in the long run, you pay upfront and even I think it is pricey. We get free postage in the US, but I would never be able to afford it if it was an import (Pushkin Press and Persephone Books both do subscriptions which I would love but I can't do either for the same reason as you!).


You don't know ahead of time which books they are sending, though if you look in the New York Review of Books periodical (and I do subscribe to it) they always have an ad for the forthcoming book, so you can look if you are really curious! I thoroughly enjoy my subscription and am going to try and do better to read all of the books this year. We'll see how I do. They are always really good choices! The books are one of their new releases each month.


This does sound intriguing, and I want to read more books in translation. I love hearing about your NYRB subscription books--I'm tempted to sign up, but I still want to make some inroads on my already-purchased books!


I'm quite pleased with my NYRB subscription and I get the magazine, too, so doubly nice, but I guess there is a little added pressure of having that book come in monthly. In a good way, of course.... But I am also trying hard to read from my own stacks this year. So far, so good. Only one library book is in the pile so far and the rest are my own--a few are books I have had for ages--a bonus!


Hi Danielle! Like you, I adore my subscription to NYRB books, but I'm afraid you've done much better with your monthly books than I have (I love the books, but they almost always pile up on my overflowing TRB pile). Your great review does really tempt me to move Tristana to the top of the stack! This is particularly so as several years ago I did slog my way through Galdos" Fortunate and Jacinta, which I had on loan from a colleague for almost 4 years! Despite my difficulties in getting started on it, once I did I was hooked--it was a great read and can't be bettered if you're in the mood for one of those big, sprawling, realistic 19th Century novels, complete with interesting characters, an unusual story of love (or lust) and a totally atmospheric and riveting depiction of 19th Century bourgeois Madrid. How nice to learn that Tristan appears similarly rewarding.


Ooh, this sounds really wonderful! I'm going to add it to my TBR list. You make me almost want to get another subscription but I still haven't finished the final books from year before last!


Hi Janakay--Aren't those NYRBs wonderful? I hate to say that last year I didn't read nearly as many as the year before, but they are a perfect investment in my eyes. It's nice to have them to look forward to when the moment is right! I have yet to start the January selection--had best get moving if I am going to make a real attempt at reading it before the next one comes out--and just today I received the freebie book! If you liked F&J I suspect you will like this one, too, as it is quite similar in style and setting--though much shorter. I am glad to hear you got on will with Fortunata and Jacinta--I am very much interested in reading it, but I had better save it for another day as I have plenty of other in progress books at the moment to keep my attention! Happy reading!


Isn't a subscription totally tempting? It is my one big literary splurge this year. I am not sure how well I will do in terms of reading the books as they come out, but I will give it a go, and am still happy to add the books to my reading piles irregardless. Tristana was a great read and I think you would appreciate it, too! Maybe sometime during the year we can read one of those unread NYRBs from a couple of years ago, as I have several I never got to, too!


That sounds like a great idea!


Something to look forward to! Isn't it amazing how much quicker you are (well, I am ) to finish a book when there is the promise of a new read just around the corner?!

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