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Oh I just heard about Evening Chorus on the radio on my way home today. I can't wait to hear what you think of it. Bundle up, Danielle, and hope you get a lot of reading done. You've got lots of good books there.


I do have a lovely pile of really good books on the go and as soon as I finish a few things online I am off to get under my blankets and read! :) I am very much enjoying the Humphreys novel and now am most curious to know what you heard about it. I think I will write about it in the middle of the week. She's a good writer--a little different than what I normally pick up, but in a good way!

Joan Kyler

You've done it again! I'm trying desperately to finish several half-read books, too, and now you've reminded me that I haven't read any Tess Monaghan books for a couple of years! Really, Danielle, I'm not sure I can thank you!


Oh I do have a book to eat with! It is generally the same book I commute with. But then on weekends I pick a book from the pile to read while having lunch. Not everything is a good meal companion!


What a lovely summery image on this dreary February day. I don't read while I eat, but then again I don't eat alone. On the occasions where I do eat alone I try practicing mindful eating, it is hard not to pick up a book or a magazine then.

Liz F

Found myself daydreaming about summer heat and sunshine just the other day too although we have got away with a pretty mild winter here so far - nothing like what the east coast of the USA has had. Maybe that is partly the problem - it has just been one grey day after another with the occasional brighter day and then back to grey again and it seems to have gone on sooo long!
Like Joan it has been a while since I last read one of the Tess Monaghan books so I will probably have to start at the beginning again. I know that I have several in the series, and I even know where they are which is a nice change, so I just have to hope that Baltimore Blues is one of them!
You are not entirely alone re: Gone Girl as I haven't read it yet either. I have had a copy for a couple of years and even loaned it out to a couple of people but never got further than the first page for some reason so am now having to avoid references to both the book and the film in case they give away spoilers!
Haven't read Gillespie & I either despite having it in hardback - maybe their day will come soon!


I don't think i would like to read another of Humphrey's WWII books but Afterimage sounds like a book I might like.
I can't read and eat. I can watch something and eat though. If I did, I would choose a similar book.
I haven't read Laura Lippman yet but I got one of her books.


I am trying to finish a few myself, so I can totally sympathize. Even while finishing one book I am thinking of starting another, though I have told myself I must finish three before picking up something new.... I really like Tess Monaghan--why dis I wait so long to make her acquaintance?!


Sometimes I just take a few books with me to the table to look at if I am trying to decide on a new book to read. I have certain requirements when it comes to books to read while eating--preferably something that will lay open and flat and leave my hands free, and something that is easy going and engrossing!


I am so ready for weather like the pictures shows! Even cool but sunny would be nice but no more cold! Wishful thinking. I know I should practice mindful eating, but I can't help myself. If I am eating with other people then I don't bring a book to the table, but if I am alone I can keep my nose in a book without fear of offending anyone! :)


I know I should not complain about the winter we have had--some really miserably cold days and a bit of snow, but nothing really compared to say Boston, but it is all relative--subzero and having to walk in it is still unpleasant and I am fed up by it!

I really like Tess Monaghan and think I need to pay more attention to American writers who I tend to dismiss--not that I think they are not good, but I am always drawn to the more foreign if you know what I mean.

I will read Gone Girl someday--even have it in hardcover! But I am sort of tired of hearing about it so it is on the back burner for the foreseeable future.

I love Gillspie and I--you have to pick it up soon, as I think you will really appreciate the surprises that story brings!


I know you didn't like Coventry and think The Evening Chorus might not be one you would enjoy so much, but I think Afterimage is very good, too, and a very different sort of story--also one of her earlier books. I sometimes will eat in front of the TV, but usually it is easier to just sit in the kitchen and prop a book up in front of me--also at lunch at work, which is one of the places I do most of my reading. I listed to a book by Laura Lippman on audio years ago and loved it--always meant to try something else by her and it has taken me ages to finally get around to doing so!

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