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I ended up buying this after your first mention of it and I have to say that I am absolutely loving it - so thank you for the prompt!
I do sometimes have a problem with modern poetry - I just don't 'get' it (a bit like some modern art - the sort that looks like the pictures my children brought back from playgroup but is supposed to be profound and brilliant!) but this book really appeals to me and her writing is beautiful.

Must look out a copy of The Master as well - any book with descriptions of rooms and houses is guaranteed to appeal to me and I do like Colm Toibin's books (well I liked Brooklyn which is, so far, the only one I have read although I have 'Nora Webster' in my library pile).
The thought of a big comfortable chair by a window with a beautiful view and a book is very appealing - if I could add a cat that would make it perfect for me!

I hope that you keep enjoying At The Source.

I seem to be reading quite a lot of books with a Welsh setting at the moment but have only ever been there once many moons ago and not in the best of circumstances so I feel a field trip coming on!


I think I'm going to keep a list of Welsh words like 'glas' as I'm confident Clarke will come up with more.


We've had some interesting weather here, too--it went from the upper 20s a week and a half ago, to nearly 80 today. And we had rain all day Saturday, which is kind of unusual for this time of year. During our rainy Saturday, I sat in my recliner reading, with my cat on my lap and thinking: how lucky I am!

My library does have this, but only as an e-book, not my favorite way to read. I'll probably borrow it anyway, and if I like it enough I'll buy my own paper copy. This really does sound like a lovely book.


I forgot about your serial read! It sounds like a wonderful book. I know those moments of quietly sitting with a book or weeding in the garden and suddenly feeling so joyful and so very lucky.


I am really enjoying this book, too. She is very eloquent and even if I am not a poetry reader at all, I do appreciate good language and she uses it well. I am so glad you are enjoying the book, too. I always worry when I gush about my reading--since I am not as critical a reader as I probably should be! I have only read Brooklyn, too, and have Just got Nora Webster in the mail--and plan on digging out my copy of The Master after that reference to it! I really need to read him now that it is March--him Colm Toibin that is. And I like the idea of reading Welsh writers at the moment, too. You suggested one to me--which I now have on hand--the novel that is a fictional biography that totally escapes my mind--the title that is. I would love to go to Wales someday! (SO many places to visit...).


That sounds like a great idea--feel free to share any of them on the google doc, too! She is such an eloquent writer--I really like that!


I like that kind of rainy day where you can relax in an easy chair with kitty close by--I have a rocker, too, but I do miss my cats! That is quite a stretch of temps--I actually wouldn't mind a few 80 degree days--write this day down since you know I am not overly fond of really warm weather. Just two more cold days and then we are supposed to have a stretch of nice days. Yay--bring them on! I have a feeling you are going to really like this if you have a chance to read a bit of it--I don't much like ebooks either, though I have a few galley ebooks on my ipad that I really need to work on reading. I just always reach for paper books!


I have been sort of neglectful of it this month--time just slipped away. It is a really good book--Cath sent me a copy, so it has been a great 'find'--I wouldn't otherwise likely have come across it, I'm afraid! It's those sorts of moments that make all of life's little annoyances just disappear! And hopefully those hours in the garden are not too far off now!

Liz F

I'm only a critical reader if it comes to facts being wrong or if the writing is really clunky - other than that I am much more of an emotional reader I think.
I had quite enough of having to deconstruct books when I was at school to want to do it now. Reading is purely for enjoyment and if I learn something along the way then all the better!


I am probably far more forgiving than I should be at times--I can get past so so prose if the story is especially good. I want to be a 'closer' reader for certain types of books, but sometimes I just want to be lazy and have the story take me away from real life. i think there is nothing wrong with that--and sometimes you just need that sort of book in life! Like right now for me. But I do appreciate a nicely written story--and I have come across some really exceptional ones of late. Like you I am a very emotional reader--I get very wrapped up in a character's life--and sometimes when I read a review by another reader who is really critical of a story (especially one I really liked--I have to admit, I then get sort of disappointed....


I'm going to order this after all. It does sound my kind of book. I love everything your wrote about it. The quotes are wonderful.
I need to read The Master. I've always had such high hopes that I would love it that I kept it "for later".
I like the play with words you mention.


And I'm sorry to hear you were not well. You still have such ghastly temperatures. IT's been very warm here this week and so sunny.


I think you will like this--she is a wonderful writer--very eloquent. And you can tell she is a poet and interested in words and language--plus the added benefit of all the lush descriptions of nature. I immediately wanted to go pull my copy of The Master when I read her reference to it--though I have not yet done it. Am contemplating reading Nora Webster first as I think it is a sequel of sorts to Brooklyn which I loved!


I was so smug when I was healthy and all my coworkers were out sick during the holidays--that's what I get! I am much better now and we have even had two really nice days--far milder and even pleasing to be outside. Maybe the rest of our dirty snow will Finally melt. I am so sick of winter. Though, remind me not to complain when it turns hot...

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