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I've only read one Inspector Banks books - IN A DRY SEASON. I think I read it with my book group. Anyway, I've kept thinking for years that I would begin this series, but it's so long now. Not sure I ever will. I did really like IN A DRY SEASON, even though it's #10. It won a couple of awards and was nominated for several others.

Have you ever watched the TV series? Think it's DCI Banks. Netflix only has 2 seasons and you have to get it on DVD. I wonder how that adaptation relates to the books.

Always fun to start a new series. Have fun!


How funny--that is also the one Banks novel I read years ago, too. It has been so long that I have forgotten all about the mystery, so I won't mind reading it when I get to it--may take a while, though. I should really make some sort of list of series I follow and try and organize myself. I read the odd book here and there but rarely read a few back to back. I think it would be a good idea, but I am always ready to pick up some other new book with some other setting. I think he has been nominated fro quite a few awards. I did know that a TV adaptation of the books was made, but I have heard from more than one person that it would be good to steer clear of them as it was miscast. At the moment I think I will just enjoy the books. It IS fun to find a new series to follow!

Liz F

I have always meant to read the Banks books in order from the beginning but peculiarly enough started reading them with In a Dry Season one very hot summer (we do get them in Yorkshire -very occasionally!)after I had visited a reservoir up in the Dales which was so low that you could see the ruins of the village which had been flooded when it was made.
It wasn't as well preserved as the one in the book but it was certainly very atmospheric and the book worked a treat with it in mind.
I have since read the following five books but still haven't read either the first nine or any others after that.
As for the TV adaptation - if you haven't read the books and formed your own impression of Insp Banks then I'm sure it is perfectly acceptable but for me the actor's portrayal of the character changed him out of all recognition and I gave up 15 minutes into the first episode and haven't watched since!
Eastvale is a bit of a combination of a number of local small market towns taking a bit from each but having been a local newspaper reporter covering a lot of them over the years, I can confirm that being peaceful and picturesque on the surface can hide a multitude of sins! Not quite Midsomer Murders territory but enough to surprise!
Oh and although Virginia Woolfe did drown in a River Ouse, it wasn't the same one as regularly floods York. There are at least three rivers of the same name in England and it was the southernmost one in which she died (I think!)

Joan Kyler

If you don't stop coming up with new and interesting books, I'm going to have to stop reading your blog! I also read like you read, a million books at a time, so I'm always trying to catch up, trying to discipline myself to read one book at a time. But with blogs like yours, I'm doomed!


Isn't it fun reading books written before certain now ubiquitous technologies were invented? Cassette players! Those were the days!


How funny--that is the one Banks novel I read, too, but it was so long ago I recall nothing about it. I am happy now to start from the beginning--it is always fun to see how a character develops and see how things change--at least I am guessing that Robinson moves the story along with the times. I've never seen the Midsomer Murders--should give them a try, but I think I will pass on the Inspector Banks adaptation--prefer to just read the books I think. I already have an image formed in my mind--and I think the actor who plays him is fair? I didn't realize Eastvale is a real place, so must now look him up. And I think I knew that Virginia Woolf lived south....


I know, I'm sorry to add to your piles. I do sympathize as I am such a pushover for starting new books (as you know) and getting myself into trouble! I know I can't just do the one book at a time thing,but I am trying to be a little better by doing a rotation of just a few and spending a whole week on the same ones. Not sure that works either, but I'll keep at it! :) If you like mysteries, I can recommend Peter Robinson, though!


It is fun. No social media. I sort of hate it when characters in books talk about Facebook to be honest, though I suppose it is true reflection of the times. I still have a stack of cassettes! :) Not that I can even play them anymore...

Gallimaufry Book Studio

One of my favorite mystery series and well worth any pain of adding to the TBR pile(s)! Discovering it years ago felt like coming across treasure no one else had found yet. (Of course, that wasn't at all true.) Robinson is always quietly consistent and he believably develops the characters and the setting. I think his Yorkshire is as good as Ian Rankin's Edinburgh. And I agree with what others have said about avoiding the TV version - they totally miss the overall tone of the books.


I am going to steer clear of the TV series, so thanks for the heads up. And I am happy to hear your praise of the series--I find it to be true myself--I like the characters and setting and even the sort of crime solver he is. I am looking forward to seeing how Banks develops--I would start the next one now, but I have another mystery I need to read first for a class I am taking. It sits on my bedside pile waiting however. I still need to give Ian Rankin a go as well!

Liz F

I think I have mislead you, Danielle! Eastvale isn't a real place, it is a sort of mixture of other towns in the area. There are a lot of old market towns with windy back streets, old churches and ruined castles and market squares, in this area and as (from what I remember) the Banks novels are set north and east of Leeds, these are the sort of places he has based Eastvale on.


I'm gald to hear you liked it too. I absolutely loved it and wanted to read the whole series but never picked up book 2. You put me in the mood to do so. He and Louise Penny might be some fo my favourites but I loved Phil Rickman too. All set in small villages.


Great series, I've read all but the latest which I have waiting for me on my Kindle. The last couple have been a bit weak.


I am looking forward to trying Phil Rickman--I suspect I will like those mysteries as well. I do that a lot--read the first book in a mystery series and like or love it and am determined to pick up the next one, but sometimes it takes me ages to do so! I need to read another Louise Penny as well--I read and enjoyed the first...last year? Or maybe now it has been two years? I have too many mysteries to choose from-that is my problem! And I think I like small village settings as it is so different than where I live!


I am looking forward to reading more, too! I think that happens a lot with a long running series--it can be really hard for a writer to sustain that momentum! I have read nearly all the Lynley mysteries by Elizabeth George but I think I am now two behind and must catch up soon--the earlier books, however, are her best I think.


I can't remember how exactly I discovered Inspector Banks but that's a series I've enjoyed for years. I love that despite reading several books I do feel like Banks has has grown as a character and situations have changed. I think that's what keeps a long running series like this one still fresh and something you look forward to. I hope you'll continue to enjoy this! Of course you've also reminded me that I haven't check in with this series in a year or so and I need to!


I love discovering new mystery authors--or rather trying 'new' authors, though I have been aware of him for ages. Just too many choices and not enough time to read them all. I am going to try other new to me authors this year--and hopefully read some more books set in some series I follow but haven't read in a while. I have the next Banks mystery all lined up!

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