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This book sounds like a delight to read, and the dangers of reading it for me would be that I will find a few titles I "must" read. My wish list of books to buy has 50 books on it already. I do like books, and books about reading. Thanks for reviewing this book and bringing it to my attention.


I love Nick Hornby and his wonderful essays. They are like eating candy! :) I won't tell you how many books are on my own wishlist--it is pages long. It truly is a 'wish' list as I know I can't have them all. I like books about books and reading, too. I want to read more of those that I have on my shelves at the moment--no chore there for me! If you read any of Hornby's essay collections have a pen and paper in hand--I have already been mentally noting books he is talking about.

Liz F

I didn't know that he wrote essays about books as well as his usual fiction although I probably should have.
I have only read a couple of his books, both early ones, High Fidelity and Fever Pitch and yes they are lad lit being obsessed with collecting music and football (soccer)which seemed to be the twin passions of a lot of men I knew.

I liked them both but I'm not sure that Fever Pitch would really mean a lot to you being largely about his support for an English football team (Arsenal in London in case that means anything to you). High Fidelity was Americanised and made into a film starring John Cusack if that is any help. (Fever Pitch was made into a film but a British one)

I can't speak for his more recent books as apart from one which I picked up and put down fairly quickly (can't remember which one I'm afraid) I haven't actually read any, but the essays sound engaging and he sounds like a reader after my own heart.

Joan Kyler

You've reminded me of how much I enjoyed reading Hornby's book, More Baths, Less Talking (which attracted me because reading in the bath is one of my favorite things to do). I seem to recall that the format of that book was similar to this one's because I believe he had a list of books bought and books read at the beginning of each chapter, too. Oh, dear, another book to be put on hold at the library!


I love his book essays too but have never read his fiction. Part of me wants to and part of me wants to just stick with the books essays for fear of being disappointed by his fiction.


Ha..never knew he wrote essays
Now my library request list has grown lol


I haven't read Hornby, but I already had The Polysyllabic Spree on my TBR list, so I requested it from the library today. I love reading books about books and have quite the little collection of those myself--someday I'm going to write a blog post about them. I have seen a couple of movies made from his books and liked them a lot (Fever Pitch and High Fidelity)--makes me want to try his novels, too.


The book I am reading is a collection of columns that he wrote for an American (?) literary magazine called the Believer. When I read the first collection years ago there were just the two books, but it looks like since then he has published several more. They are fun easy little essays about the books he is reading. I think I could pass on Fever Pitch, but I might get on okay with High Fidelity. I didn't see the movie, but I did see About a Boy ages ago. His newest sounds appealing but it seems to be getting mixed reviews. Maybe it is safer to just stick with his essays for the moment, which I find hugely entertaining! I can relate well to his reading style, too!


I used to love reading in the bath in one of my former residences. The bath in my house now is about as uncomfortable as they come for relaxing and soaking so it is only good for showers. The book you mention sounds exactly like the one I am reading--must check it out!;)


His essays are really fun, aren't they? At first I was not really very attracted to his fiction, but now I wonder about it and think it might be worth a go sometime. I know exactly what you mean by sticking with his bookish essays only--maybe I would not be the best audience for his fiction.


Yes, check them out--they are great fun and filled with lots of reading temptations!


It's the book I started with. It is a slim volume and you will whiz right through it unless you pace yourself. Let me know when you post your list--I am always on the look out for more ideas for books about books--it has been quite a while since I bought anything new in that area (believe it or not!). I saw About a Boy, which I recall enjoying. I, too, wonder what his fiction is like. If it is similar to these essays I think I might like it very much.


I loved this and I love Hornby. I've read all of his early novels. I must say I've hardly identified with a charcater as much as with the character in High Fidelity. So much for "LadLit". But then again I have/had some so-called lad hobbies - hanging out in record shops, being in a band, being a DJ . . .. :)
I think you'd love his novels.


I had no idea you were in a band! Do you sing or play an instrument? How cool--and really I think so. I was just thinking that I would love to learn to play the piano or some other instrument but I wonder if I am too old now to begin? I love listening to different types of music and wish I knew how it all comes together! And I love Hornby's irreverence in his writing. I bet he would be great to have a drink with! :) I will have to try one of his novels soon--maybe High Fidelity would be a good place to start? And while I tend to read more books about women I am quite happy reading books written from a man's perspective, too. Sometimes it is even more illuminating--if you know what I mean!


I sing but I used to play the guitar. I recently bougth a new one but I don't get nearly enough time to pick it up. Singing is my "first love" so to speak.
Sure, you can start the piano. Why not? That's the beauty of music, it's not like dancing or other sports, you don't need to be very young to start it.


I wish I had learned an instrument when I was younger--I never did sing in a choir or do anything like that, so I am envious of your knowledge. Maybe I will look into finding a place to learn--it's good to learn new things and make your brain work in new ways!

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