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elizabeth Wix

So interesting!
Have bought second person singular on your recommendation.
Will let you know how I get on with it.
Sounds fascinating.
Happy reading and happy Valentine's Day!


It is to me too one of the best things that could happen while reading, finding a link to another book, preferably one I own and haven't read already. And for you to add music to that, sounds somewhat like a bookparadise. I do fully understand you miss your class, it leads you to so many interesting new authors.


I am fascinated by this literature course and hearing more about it is truly something I look forward too. It seems I am always finding another book from one I'm reading. Happy Valentine's Day.


It's wonderful to read the novell and listen to the music. It enhances the experience.
I know what you mean about Europena literature being different. I think so too. It's not so polished and in a way more surprising.


I do hope you enjoy it! It is something different for me than my usual reading choices--lots of interesting ideas in the story and a world I am so unfamiliar with. I am finding that I want to reach for it almost more than anything else. Do let me know how you get on with it! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day, too!


It's funny how you read something and then almost immediately a similar theme or the same title one book talks about shows up in another book. I love it when that happens. I really like having these reading pairings and being able to compare and contrast--especially a contemporary Israeli book written by an Arab-Israeli author and a 19th century Russian novella--it is a reminder that we may be different but we are still the same, too! I have been listening to Beethoven today as well--brought home several different versions of his Kreutzer Sonata, which is quite lovely.


I love my class and am glad you like hearing about it. I know I tend to read other things and so most readers who stop by normally have similar interests, but now I feel like I am writing about something altogether different. Sometimes it is really good to read outside the norm, and in this case, I find I am loving this type of literature too. Such a big world to explore! And yay when books lead to other books. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day, too!


I started reading Tolstoy as soon as the novella was mentioned in the Kashua novel. It has been fun switching from one to the other and I know at some point it is all going to come together. This afternoon I was also listening to Beethoven while working online. I'm glad you know what I mean by European lit being different--I can't really articulate why, but how writers write and the topics are the same but not at all, too. I wonder if it has to do with reading translations, too, though sometimes it is so seamless you almost can't tell when a book has been translated.


So glad you are enjoying your class, it sounds wonderful. The Kashua book sounds great. You have me intrigued and wanting to hear more!


Your class sounds really good and how wonderful that it's also like opening up a whole world you want to discover more of. I think when books do that, they are the best teaching tools. Looking forward to hearing more about the books you discover.


The dynamics for this class are very different--will have to tell you more about it in a letter....but in a good way mostly. I had a little break but am very ready to get back to it. And the Kashua is excellent--I can see it as a favorite read at the end of the year as a matter of fact!


I think I would never have picked up some of the books we have been reading, so it has opened a whole new area of literature for me and I feel very lucky to be able to take it! Now I think I will try and take some lit class each semester! And I am trying to write about my reading each week or so to keep up, so more is coming!

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