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I haven't read any of these except the Jane Austen, so I proabably shouldn't chime in here at I will only say, yes, this happens to me all the time. I'm ready to choose a new book and end up with a stack of books that all sound good in their ways. I usually read a few pages of each one to see if it grabs me and hope that one stands out! Very scientific.

FYI, I put up my post on books about reading today, after finishing The Polysyllabic Spree (which I loved).


You can always chime in! :) I have whittled things down a bit, and am leaning just a little towards Wilkie Collins, but I will still dip into each one to see which one calls out to me--sounds pretty scientific to me actually! I mean you are looking for evidence to back up your choice, right? So glad you enjoyed the Hornby--isn't that a fun book!


I'd go with Austen for sure. Such a night and day difference from Burgess and a great antidote to violence and hate. Plus, I don't know about you, but I always find Austen both comforting and stimulating, and this time of year calls for the comforting kind of books. Have fun deciding!


Now I am curious which one it's going to be:)

Gallimaufry Book Studio

Well, for sheer fun after getting though 'A Clockwork Orange' the Dumas would be a nice change of pace, but it is certainly a doorstopper though it reads fast.

What about one of the Austen novels that you haven't read? - Julé


Since I am still ploughing through Mansfield Park (my plan to read a chapter a day rather got derailed a while ago for a variety of reasons) I probably shouldn't still be looking at classic reads but I think I would go for either the Dumas or the Collins. You need a rollicking good read as a reward after getting through Clockwork Orange!
I have the first Musketeers book on a pile I recently retrieved from my shelves as well as Collins' Law and the Lady and some others that caught my eye and that I really want to read NOW! Hopefully I will get around to reading at least one before I get tired of falling over the pile and put them all back!

Buried In Print

I haven't read any of these either, but I have at least one of them on my shelves, now winking in my direction. As if I didn't have enough books demanding attention right now: thanks! :P (Hope you enjoy your choice(s)!


I vote for Dumas because I loved every bit of it. I mapped their adventures on a Paris map. Don't worry about the number of pages, it flies!


Isn't it cool that she is both stimulating AND comforting?! How many books can you say that about--well, that are also classics! I need something gentle but also something I can sink my teeth into, oh, and absorbing, too. Not asking for much! ;) I want to read something by Austen this year in any case so if not right now, then soon! Persuasion is my favorite!


I keep wavering! Just when I think I have decided someone sways me in another direction! :) Must make a choice soon!


I have yet to read Emma or Manafield Park. I definitely want to read Austen this year, but do I want to read her right now... ! :) Dumas scares me for the size, but it sounds like it doesn't matter that it is a heft read-I should trust that Dumas is a page turner--I loved The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my all-time faves! That should be temptation enough....


Isn't it funny how certain books just demand to be read NOW?! I will be in the middle of one book and think only how I want to read something else! I want to read Mansfield, but not sure it is what I want to read at the moment. Rollicking is absolutely something that I know I Do want. Dumas is always good when it comes to rollicking and I love Wilkie Collins in any situation. I loved The Law and the Lady--that is one of my favorites by him. Oh, I do the same thing, too---think I will read a chapter a day or a particular book to make it a speedy read--or at least a steady read, but I never seem to follow through. Am leaning heavily towards the Dumas now, by the way.


Hey, when that in progress pile is as tall as the piles we have in front of us, really....what's ONE more, eh?! Which one is winking? Dumas seems to be winking at me. Of course...the chunkiest one. But all those pages mean more points!


Oh man, you are selling me on the Dumas just when I had all but decided on Wilkie Collins. Paris! What fun to map their adventures. Now THAT is something I would enjoy doing. I am off now to pull out my copy and give those first few pages a try. ;)


Funny, I'm actually facing a similar dilemma. I have a few classics lined up, all of them rather longish, which makes the decision so difficult. I must say, I'm rather tempted by Moby Dick at the moment.
I've only read one Stendhal - Le Rouge et le Noir and - dare I say it - hated it. As much as Hugo's Notre Dame the Paris and Dumas' La Reine Margot. I really don't seem to like 19th Century French historical fiction.
But you have a lot of other wonderful choices on your list.

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