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Sam Sattler

I've often said that constructing a good short story is every bit as difficult as writing a novel. The big difference is in the time required, not so much in the structure as people generally believe. A really good short story always impresses me as much as a good novel impresses me...both are works of art. Heck, because so much has to be achieved in, and packed into, just a few pages, I sometimes think short stories are even harder to write than novels...if you throw out the time requirement.

Buried In Print

I loved the wander-y feel of this story, and I marked some of the same passages you have. And, as if I must copy every detail you've reported, the first of Lehmann's novels that I wanted to pull from the shelf? A Note in Music. (But I resisted, so far, too.)


I totally agree with you! I have read that some writers think short stories are harder to write than a novel since you have to fit so much into so short a space. I have had such a good run of stories with this collection--each one has been a little gem. I think I could happily pick up a book of stories by any of the writers and be happy with the results!


We are thinking alike on this one! :) I loved the feel of the story, too and I could even happily reread it right now! I think I might even pull my copy of the Lehmann off my shelf--it is too hard trying to decide on a companion read since I literally do want to read a full length novel by each and every writer. Oh, and that big hardcover collection you suggested to me--all women writers--I feel tempted to go and look it over again as if the stories are as good quality-wise as these, I might have to make time here at home to read them. (Just won't be able to slip it into my bookbag each morning). ;)


I like stories that involve illness that have that sort of soft light dreamy quality to them and this seems like it has it in spades.


You would like this story, I think! Since I have been sick, too, I could appreciate it all the more. And yes, being sick in bed and still have this sort of adventure does make for a good story.


This sounds wonderful. I love her writing. I still remmeber that my online search for more information on Dusty Answer led me to your blog! And then to mine . . . I have a collection of her books and should really read them. I've only read Dusty Answer and A Sea-Grape Tree which I might have liked even better.


This is one of my favorite stories in the collection so far! Is that the book that made you discover my blog? How cool is that. I think I have most of her books, too, and it has been far too long since I have read her. I must get my hands on A Sea-Grape Tree--that isn't short stories, is it? Will have to look it up now that you mention you might like it even more!


No, not short stories but quite short.


I thought I owned it, but apparently not. My library doesn't have it so I will look around for a used copy. I seem to have so many books started at the moment, I guess I will add it to my wishlist for now... Why does everything tempt me so?!

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