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You have found such great stories in this collection that I'm going to have to go on the hunt for this! I've only read one Elizabeth Taylor book and it was wonderful. I really need to read more.


This is turning out to be a really excellent collection and I highly recommend it! I think it is OOP but I found an inexpensive used copy. And I want to read more of Elizabeth Taylor, too. I have already pulled the collection of stories that this one originally appeared in!


Yeah, I really need to get around to reading Elizabeth Taylor. I have one of her books on my shelf but it's buried under countless others. Sigh.


It's impossible, isn't it? So many people you want to read and you just get yourself into trouble when you cave into all those temptations and end up with a massive, towering stack of in progress books. But she is really excellent when you do get around to reading her!


You know, I've never read anything by Elizabeth Taylor, though I have seen you praise her here, and I have an article about her someplace in my overflowing files. It sounds like she deserves to be bumped to the top of the list, so I will go see what my library system has on offer and go from there. Any recommendations for a first try?


You have to give her a try--if even just a short story to begin with--you won't regret it. I have loved everything by her I have read--I started with Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont which is lovely though a little sad. Angel is excellent--one of the most irritating and interesting main characters I have come across in a long time, but I think At Mrs. Lippincote's is my favorite. The Sleeping Beauty is very good, though I think I would start with one of the others above. I think next for me will be A Game of Hide and Seek, which I have heard raves about! Happy reading--you are in for a treat when you get to her!


Despite having copies of all her novels and the huge compilation of short stories on my shelves and counting myself as a real admirer of hers, I have shocked myself with the realisation that I have in fact only read Mrs Palfrey and a few short stories from here and there.
Definitely a must do better on my part so a volume of short stories, possibly The Blush, (a VMC edition that has been sitting there for a very long time indeed!)will become my short story read which has been lacking a bit recently as I have got rather more nature reads in progress than I initially intended and something has to give!


I have that same collection! I thought of using it as my Sunday short story read, but then thought I would like a little variety and this Infinite riches is turning out to be an excellent choice. I think with her books it only takes one to get hooked! I pulled the collection of hers that this story appears in and have it on my bedside pile, but the pile is beginning to turn into a leaning tower that is mostly wishful thinking. I never seem to have at home, in bed, reading time. But the thought is very nice! ;)

Liz F

In bed is the one place that I never read nowadays although that doesn't stop me having a pile of books beside my side of it that I inevitably fall over if I get up in the night!
I also have a pile tucked away in my en-suite bathroom (which only I use)because that is where I tend to go and read if I can't sleep because it retains heat and doesn't disturb anyone else so I can't be whinged at!


My house sounds quite similar to yours! I have a pile of books bedside, which I make myself go through very often and return books to their original spaces knowing I am not likely to really start it. There is something sort of nice and comforting, though, to look through them now and again. I will take a cup of coffee to bed and a few books and just dip into them a little bit--sort of try them out and then try and talk myself into sticking with whatever I happen to have on the go. When I was married I used to go and hide sometimes, too, with my book, when I knew I wanted to finish the last few pages. I rarely have a problem sleeping--but there was a day when I could stay up half the night reading and could still get in in the morning and go to work. Somewhere along the way I totally lost that ability! As for wanting to find a place to read in peace--as weird as it sounds, it is the gym. Everyone minds their own business and no one really talks to me so it is nice hour dedicated to reading (even if I am walking at the same time).


I haven't read any of Elizabeth Taylor's short fiction. This sound like a story I'd love.
Toni Morrison is an author I'd like to return to. I had some very mixed experiences. I don't think she actually writes short stories, or does she?


I think you would like Elizabeth Taylor's short stories. I have only read a small handful but they have all been good. I have that huge collection that Virago published in the last couple of years. I think you are right about Toni Morrison now that I think about it. Maybe that is why it felt so disjointed, though I liked what I read. I did look on Amazon but did not see any story collections. It has been years since I have read her otherwise--I read quite a few of her books when I was younger. I could easily revisit them now and it would be like starting from scratch since I think I have mostly forgotten what they are all about!

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