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Sounds as though Infinite Riches is well named.
I haven't read a lot of Willa Cather - just a couple of her novels, but enough to know that I like her writing and convince me to buy up any of her books which come my way. Hopefully one day soon I will get around to reading more of them!
Can't say I blame you resisting books that were forced on you at school - I'm sure exposure at school is what puts a lot of people off reading.


You are doing really well on having good stories week after week. I've not read this Cather story but I do like her writing very much. I'll try to remember to go read the other story later when I get the chance.


I really do need to read more by Willa Cather. I've only read one of her books but I enjoyed it a lot and it's a shame I haven't revisited. Do you try to read The New Yorker regularly? I have such a hard time keeping up with magazine subscriptions unless they are the crafty kind. I'm tempted by The New Yorker but I have a feeling I may just let it stack up.


Yes, it really is infinite riches of short stories. I have yet to read a clunker which says a lot really when you are pulling such a variety out from other places. I love Willa Cather and am actually now happy that I never read her in school--I wonder if it would have ruined her for me! (Sad to say school does that sometimes to books/authors). I would like to read something by her this year--but then I say that about every author I have read in this book so far it seems!


I am having a great run of short stories at the moment. Even with the New Yorker--just one that I was not especially happy with. I think you would like this story--it's not terribly long but it's really perfect! Let me know if you read Labyrinth and what you think!


I have a subscription to the New Yorker and I make a point of at least reading each short story. I usually then recycle the magazine and read anything else of interest online since I have access to the archives--which is pretty nifty and well worth the cost of subscribing! I have not renewed many of my magazine subscriptions for the very reason you mention. I only get the NY and the NYRB Review of Books--both really good. And if ever an author deserved a reading week devoted to their work, Willa Cather surely does. She is someone I want to read much more of, too!

Liz F

I hope that you enjoy the Rosamund Lehmann story.
I have only read novels by her, and that was quite a while ago (probably pre-children which, since senior son turned 31 in December is definitely in the dim and distant past!) but I always enjoyed them.
She is one of the writers I always mean to go back and re-read but haven't managed it yet and can't really see any point in the near future when it is realistically going to happen!
Oh dear, what I really need is to take a break in a remote cottage somewhere with nothing to do but read and I might stand a chance of fulfilling even a fraction of my reading plans!


I need to read Willa Cather. I only ever hear such wonderful things. I totally get why you didn't want to read her. When you want to explore the wordl you don't want to read about home.
This story sounds excellent. I start to wonder if I shouldn't get this collection.

Buried In Print

My favourite quote from this story is something of a spoiler, but related to the passage you've quoted above, that idea that a married couple so often only discusses details like the price of eggs, in a pseudo-business relationship. If you haven't read Susan Ferrier's Marriage, I'm betting you'd find lots of quotes in that one too. (Like you need help extending your TBR list! :))


I'd happily join you in that cottage! :) And I will be reading the Lehmann story tomorrow! I have only read one of her novels but have always meant to read more ever since!


This is a collection I will happily recommend to anyone who likes short stories, or who likes stories by women! I have yet to read a story I didn't like or that I didn't think was well done. You really do need to read Willa Cather--I think you will appreciate her work. And yes, that is it--the idea of reading a Nebraska author when all I wanted was to get out and travel somewhere far away was not in the least appealing when I was in school!


Oh, yes, I know the passage you are talking about--that really resonated with me, too! I am not familiar with Susan Ferrier, but I am off to look her up--and no doubt add her to my wishlist...oh, well, it never hurts making note of a new author, right?! :)

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