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Margaret stedman

I too, read and loved these books and was desolate when the series came to an end. As you say an unlikely pairing but I was well and truly hooked on every book.


I just read my first Mary Russell book last month: The Beekeeper's Apprentice. And I really liked it a lot! I can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series. I love how perfectly matched Mary and Holmes are; they're such great characters together.


What fun and so fitting with the other reading you've been doing!

Kathy Keenan

I think Oh Jerusalem, Justice Hall and Locked Rooms are my three favorites of the series so far!


Isn't Laurie King still writing the Mary Russell mysteries? It seems as though there is a new one out this year (or forthcoming?). I'm not quite to the halfway mark so I still have more books to look forward to--perhaps best not to rush them so I have more to look forward to!


If you liked the first book, I think the stories only get better, so you have lots to look forward to. I enjoyed the first but felt like it was a tiny bit disjointed since it seemed almost like a few linked short stories, but the rest have been straightforward, proper mysteries. They do make a great pairing!


I am very drawn to books with Middle Eastern settings now--I have been looking for books set particularly in Jerusalem (so if you come across anything interesting set there, do let me know!).


I'm really enjoying this one and it sounds as though I have even more to look forward to! Justice Hall comes next as a matter of fact.


I have a feeling I would like this series very much. I like that she's got a special interest and that you learn a lot of things while reading the books. It's great that this fits in so nicely with your current studies.


I love Mary Russell--maybe even more now than Maisie Dobbs, though I still love Maisie, too. I actually have started the new MD mystery as I have an ebook galley copy. It has taken quite a turn from the last couple of books.... Anway, both women are strong characters. And yes, this particular book is nicely fitting since it is set in Jerusalem!

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