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Sounds like a great read for February. As I remember, there are some beautiful descriptions of English gardens in that one. Look forward to seeing what you think.


This book sounds like one I would enjoy reading it. My TBR stacks are rather too high.


Sounds perfect then, in more ways than one! I like the idea of some lush scenery--just what I need to get through these snowy days we are having. I hope to read this by Valentine's Day, but that might be wishful thinking? :)


Mine are too! I have had my copy of this for more than five years, though, so I can at least feel as though I am chipping away at my books (and not adding to the stacks!).


I don't think I've ever heard of hot-water bottle fiction before. What fun! Sounds like an entertaining low-stress sort of book. Enjoy!


I hadn't heard that phrase before but it makes perfect sense to me--being someone who actually owns and uses a hot water bottle! ;) I need a nice, gentle sort of read right now, too.

Liz F

I have this and Mariana - haven't read either of them of course but I do know where they are although I might have to climb over my granddaughter's cot to get to them!
I do know what you mean by hot water bottle reads - The Little White Horse and Jane Eyre have always served that purpose for me as did Little Women and What Katy Did when I was younger.
Always useful to have others to add to the list for when life gets a bit too much for whatever reason and you need a book to act as an escape so I will look forward to seeing what your verdict is.

Christine Harding

I love this book. It's real fairy tale stuff. Definitely a comfort read, but she does raise serious questions about women's roles in society. The 'hot water bottle' description is brilliant - I find there's nothing like sitting in bed, wrapped in a cosy blanket, with a hot water bottle and a good comforting book...


I'd never heard the term hot water bottle genre before, but it's fitting. This sounds like a book I'd like to read. I have a copy of Burnett's book The Shuttle on my tablet, but so far haven't managed to start it. It's about American heiresses marrying British artistocrats--and I see it is also a Persephone book.


I never even read the secret garden. I should and this one too. Never heard of a book called hot-water bottle read. :)
I've read two of those mentioned, so I'm sure I'd like the others too.
I'm always tempted to get a Persephone subscription. Hmmm. Now even more so.


I really enjoyed this book, old-fashioned? Yes, but that's just fine.
Saw where they had made a tv version of it on PBS last year, excited to watch, saw a half hour and hated what they'd done with it.


I *loved* Mariana and have every intention of rereading--this year maybe. If I didn't already have a stack of in progress books I would pull it out now. You know how that goes... Well, if nothing else at least your living situation means you have to be more thoughtful about the books you pick up--either by choice or circumstance. I can totally see this Hodgson Burnett being a hot water bottle book! It is so "nice"--and I mean that in a good way. It makes you feel all warm and cheery, which is not a bad thing at all right now since it is snowy and dreary out here. I think Diary of a Provincial Lady would fall into that category for me--and maybe the Little House books. I like Making of a Marchioness so far, but then it is early days still. I am curious what the romance will be like--I needed a nice romance for February--a book is as close as I am going to come to such a blissful (ha ha ha) state! ;)


I am so glad to hear you say that, and I agree it does have that fairy tale quality to it. I am only a couple of chapters in--she is off to that grand country house which is where I am sure she is going to meet someone. Isn't that description really great? I have a hot water bottle, which comes in so handy during these cold winter months, so I can totally relate. As a matter of fact--as soon as I finish here I will go and fill mine up and then tuck into bed with a book in hand!


I hadn't either, but isn't it great? You know exactly what it means just by visualizing it. I read The Shuttle and it is good, too. I had only read her Secret Garden as an adult a few years back. The Shuttle is about an American heiress who marries into the British aristocracy and he ends up being a creep. It's a fun read and has a great heroine--though not who you first expect. My library happens to have a very old copy, though I would love to have the Persephone edition.


I only read The Secret Garden as an adult a few years ago and very much enjoyed it. I think I will have to add that term to my own reading vocabulary since I tend to read lots of comfort reads anyway. I would Love to have a Persephone subscription, but I am afraid it would be too expensive for me as I think you have to pay up front--if they were monthly charges I might be able to manage it. Oh well, that is pretty greedy of me since I am expecting my next NYRB subscription book any day now--and still haven't even started the book for January.


I don't mind old fashioned at all--as a matter of fact sometimes that is just what I am in the mood for! Too bad about the PBS adaptation--that is a pity--yikes--just looked it up and I think I caught part of it. They renamed it--tricky of them. It has been long enough that I think I have forgotten the story--I wonder did they take lots of liberties with the story? Well, I will keep on with the book, which so far I am enjoying very much.

vicki (bibliolathas / skiourophile)

This is a delightful book, esp. the first half (I think it was originally in two bits?). I LOVE the idea of hot water bottle reads - a perfect description.


I have not picked it up for a while as I have been reading class book and trying to finish a few other things, but I think it is time to get back to it! I love the idea of hot water bottle reads, too, and shall be using that little description often I think! ;)

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