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Helen Humphreys' name sounds familiar, but I can't think what I've read by her. I definitely want to read The Evening Chorus after reading your review. It sounds like one of those beautifully written books that you want to linger over. Thanks for the recommendation!

Liz F

What a lovely review and such a tempting book so it is probably a good thing it isn't going to be out on this side of the pond until towards the end of April!

I have caved in though and ordered a copy of Infinite Riches. I might have managed to stick to my dietary resolutions so far this year but I appear to have no willpower whatsoever when it comes to books!


I agree, her writing is lyrical. Now that I've read your review, I'm in the mood to read her again. I really have to look up Afterimage.


This arrived in my mailbox the other day. Thank you! I am looking forward to reading it. Hopefully I can make that soon but the pile is kind of big right now.


You've posed such a thoughtful, beautiful review, I just know I will be reading this. Thank you.


Such a beautiful review, Danielle. It feels as if you have allowed me to read with you. It's a book for my small list, definitely.

Margaret Powling

A good review, Danielle, but as good as this book sounds, I read too many books with a war background last year so am staying away from those scenarios for the moment. But might I mention a book I've just started and also has elegant prose: Sophia Tobin's The Widow's Confession. I can't say I like the title, it sounds a bit like a 1950s Mills & Boon (Sorry Sophia!) but I enjoyed her first novel, The Silversmith's Wife and this one is very promising (only read three chapters thus far.)
Margaret P


One of my favourite authors so I was thrilled to see her latest show up at the library the other day! I recommend her work to all sorts of customers; Humphreys has a gift when it comes to succinct storytelling that packs a punch. So glad you enjoyed it, Danielle!


An author that I always mean to read more from and I think I still only have read one... I must read more one day!


She's written quite a few books I think so you probably have come across her before. I am slowly making my way through her work! Her writing is really lovely!


Something to look for later on in the spring! I think you will appreciate Infinite Riches--such a great collection! I am hoping for another gift card or two this weekend and I already have a short mental list of books I want to buy...I have been very selective in my library choices but still buying more than I should. I guess I can't totally cut myself off.


She certainly has a particular style, which I very much like. I think you might get on well with Afterimage. I have pulled my copy out for a possible reread, but I should give a few other books a little attention first....


So glad the book arrived safely! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did--when you get to it! I know how that mental (and physical!) queue of books is!


Thanks! It is a book that was easy to write about as I really liked it--I feel like I didn't quite tell everything I had wanted to about the book, but maybe better to leave some things to be discovered by the next reader!


Thanks Cath! I think you would appreciate all the nature references--that was something I really loved about the book. I hope you get a chance to read it this year.


I know all about that war story fatigue! I have read quite a few of them, too, so I am trying to be very selective about the books I reach for. I bought The Silversmith's Wife (it sits in a pile just inches away from where I am working right now!) and really must pick it up (so many books demanding attention--you know how that goes), but I am off to check out her new book and likely will be adding it to my wish list! :) Thanks as ever for the heads up!


Ooh, have just read the blurb and it Does sound good--I love seaside settings. I may not last until it comes out in trade size paperback...yikes.


Isn't she wonderful?! I am trying to read my way through all her books--I still have a few to get through. So nice to have a few in reserve to read later. She does know how to pare things down to just the minimum but you never feel cheated out of a full story! I hope you enjoy this one, too!


I have lots of those 'mean to read' authors and books--so I can sympathize. I really like her work and she has become one of those reliable reads for me!

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