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Oh! What a terrible place for the pages to go missing! No wonder you were all aflutter! It seems like this book is everywhere right now. Since I've not yet read Highsmith (I know!) I think I will choose her instead when the thriller mood strikes.


I see so many reviews raving about this book, but then one of my friends read it and had nothing good to say about it. I've been torn. I like the comparison to Rear Window...understanding that it falls a little short of that brilliant classic. It also sounds like it's a very fast read, so I'll probably end of trying it. Hopefully the copy I read won't be missing pages. How frustrating is that! Hope you get to read what you missed. :) And thanks for the review.


I did sort of freak when I realized my book was missing pages--crazy. But it turned out okay. I do still wonder what happened in those missing pages and will go in search of them--maybe the book will even be at the supermarket when I get groceries and I can quickly skim? The book is good, but I definitely recommend Patricia Highsmith if you've never read her. I am ready to pick up another of her books--maybe even reread the first Ripley book!


I don't want to dissuade anyone from reading the book at all--I think it was very entertaining, but somehow the characters were a little off putting for me. And maybe it just suffers a tiny bit, too, from all the hype. I don't regret reading it and would love to hear your take on it when you get to it. I think I was just expecting something a little different. It is definitely a 'gulpable' sort of book. Check page 262--as long as you have a 263 and onwards you'll be fine! :)


The cover of this book is SO compelling, you have no idea how many times I have picked it up in the store and just thought, "Dangity, I should get this thing!"
Thank you for this review, even though I feel, as a result, more interested in Patricia Highsmith now, whom I have never read.


What a good job you did here! And what an awful place to have the publisher error occur. Wow. I think you are the first I've seen compare the story to Rear Window. Interesting and understandable. I, too, will be so interested in seeing what Paula Hawkins writes next. I was so frustrated in many ways by this book, but yet, I finished it and want to read her next book. Guess it accomplished what it set out to do. LOL


I wondered what you'd do: read on or wait till you could find the missing pages. Now that you chose to read on: did you miss those pages very much? I don't know what I would have chosen. It happened to me a while ago while reading Susan Howatch - oops forgot the title - and it put me off the book entirely.


For a debut novel I think this is an excellent book. The unreliability of the characters made me want to keep reading as if to say to them "I knew you couldn't be trusted".

Be interesting to see what Hawkins writes next, but I think we are going to see a lot about this book over the coming months.


Now that's a case to be solved - what happened to those missing pages! Well, I do want to read this one but I'm either going to let all the buzz go away a bit because I feel that there is so much hype to it now that I may not even enjoy it as much. My mystery group wants to read it though so we may end up picking up sooner rather than later!


It is a great cover and it suits the story so well. I think this must have been what made me look in the first place. It is worth reading if it appeals, but I also recommend Patricia Highsmith. She is a master of suspenseful stories! And she was an excellent writer, too!


I know--talk about a cliff hanger! I returned the book yesterday and explained what happened to the Circ folks, and they kindly let me jump in line to the front. I will get the next available copy so I should get it soon! And then I can find out what happened in those missing pages.... I will watch for her next book, too. What was it that frustrated you? I'm glad I was not alone there... ;)


I just couldn't wait! I had to find out what happened and who did it! I was hoping that maybe the pages were just misnumbered but it was obvious right away that there are pages missing and the story did seem a little disjointed. Oh well, I will get another copy soon since the library is allowing me to go to the head of the line! I do wonder if that made me lose momentum however...


It is impressive for a first novel--I do agree. She certainly managed to keep me reading. I did feel a little fidgity over the characters, but maybe I am being too nitpicky! I will be curious, too, so see what she comes up with next!


It was very entertaining--and I would be very interested to hear what you think of it, too. I think it has taken on a life of its own, though--lots of hype. Sometimes I think a book suffers because of it!


Litlove sort of put me off of this book but now I'm tempted again. :)
I love unreliable narrators and can live with an unlikabel one as well.
Guess I'll have to find out for myself whether I'll be one of those who loves or hates it.


I would be very interesting to hear what you think of it! I did like it, though there were a few little quibbles. I had this idea that the narrator would be different so was surprised when the story from the start took a turn I was not expecting--maybe a good thing actually? Unpredictablity is actually a good thing sometimes. I only wish publishers were not to eager to compare a book (ad naseum) to other popular books. I think that can sometimes be very off-putting. I mean I do want to know if a book is similar to something else I might have read and loved, but I don't necessarily want to read the Same book--if you know what I mean. It is a thin line publishers walk when it comes to promoting books sometimes. Anyway--I still have those missing pages to read--there is a copy now waiting for me at the library so it will be part of my weekend reading!

Liz F

Just finished The Girl on the Train yesterday and while I admired the skill of the writer and the idea of the story, I disliked the characters so much that at times I felt that I was keeping reading despite myself.
All that kept me going was that despite the unpleasant cast, it didn't have the feeling of a cold heart - I think it was probably that despite being a walking, talking disaster, Rachel was at least still trying to do the right thing and I did feel sorry for her in the end.
Think I need to read something fairly fluffy now to redress the balance!


I don't feel so bad now that I see you had pretty similar reactions to the story as I did! I didn't like any of the characters either, though by the end Rachel did elicit more sympathy from me than in the beginning. And like you I needed something a little different for my next book. I had another thriller waiting for me at the library which I decided to take a pass on for the moment--I have a feeling this is going to be the sort of story that sells for a while....if you know what I mean.


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