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elizabeth Wix

I'm currently reading Second Person Singular on your recommendation...will let you know how I get on with it.
You are so good at finding unusual and interesting subjects to explore.
Happy reading weekend.


What an interesting review, Danielle. I have heard of this book, but didn't know the backstory, and I like how you've added info from the author's Q & A. I'll check out the linked story.

Have a happy reading weekend!


I'm looking forward to hearing what you think! I will be spending lots of time with it in the next few days as I think it is the next book we'll be discussing in my class! I have been reading Tolstoy alongside it as well. I have to say this one is thanks to the class I am taking which has really been wonderful in terms of opening up a whole new area of literature for me. Hope you are having a great weekend, too!


I think there must have been a bit of a new blitz when this first came out and she was longlisted for the Orange. It's sort of a unique novel, though maybe not--I don't think I have read much from the perspective of a young female soldier. I did a little googling and there are a number of interesting looking interview with her out there and stories about the release of this book. I have not heard if she is working on anything new however. Hope you are having a great weekend filled with reading, too!


Sounds pretty interesting. Did you talk about it in class yet? I bet it was a good discussion!


We did--we discussed it last class period and we were able to listen to an interview with her. She's an interesting young woman. Not sure if all the stories were the result of her Harvard class, but some of them were--it's pretty impressive that an Orange longlist book was the result!


This does sound interesting. It's also very rare that we see female soldiers in war movies. I don't think it fits my mood at the moment but I can see myself pick this up at a later date.


It is a curious movie and I think you would like it--whenever you might get around to it. I guess it was the most popular movie in Israel last year. Israel seems such a paradoxical place--the movie was sort of eye opening--quirky, funny, but serious issues it dealt with, too.

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