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Oh there are so many on that list I really want to read - especially the Sarah Waters book! Hope you get a chance to knock off a few more before the winner is announced!


This does seem to be an especially good list. I can't decide which one to pick up next! I feel a little spoiled to be able to see them all come into the library. If I can read two or three more before the winner is announced I'll be happy indeed!


This is such an enticing list of books! I absolutely loved Aren't We Sisters? which I was really pleased to see included. And I'm delighted you're enjoying the Lissa Evans as I recently chose it for my monthly audible credit. I have been THIS close to reading the Ali Smith all month but other books have jumped in the way. I really want to get to it soon, too!


Yay for Station Eleven! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it :) If you want something really different then don't wait on How to Be Both. You know that one is about art right? (she asks trying to be really enticing)


The Evans novel is so good--I am thoroughly enjoying it. The characters are very quirky, which is fun--not your usual war book, which I quite like! I'm so glad to hear Aren't We Sisters is a story you liked--now I think I will indeed go pick it up and see if it is the right book for the moment. I'm looking forward to Ali Smith, too, but I know what you mean by other books jumping in front of it--that seems to happen to me quite a lot these days. :0


You are enticing me--and the art angle is very tempting, too. Maybe I will go take a peek at it before bed. I will write about Station Eleven at the end of the week--it was SO good. Shaking my head to think that before the holidays I read about one page and then returned it thinking it wasn't exactly what I wanted. I am curious about her other books, but how could they possibly compare!


I have Station Eleven and Aren't We Sisters? on my library pile and both look really good so plan to get to them within a day or so (she says)
The Bees really appealed to me too - maybe I should add it to my library requests - but having had a look at a copy of How to Be Both, I don't think it is for me! The waiting list for the Sarah Waters is still huge - I don't seem to have moved very far up the list at all in the weeks since I first requested it so whether it arrives before the decision is made is anyone's guess!


I've read a review of The Bees that made it sound really good. Unfortunately I can't remember the blog.


Now that's a great author bio! The exercise always feels so serious and contrived. I hope the rest of the book is just as fun!


Let me know what you think about Station Eleven--I hope you like it as much as I did!! I have yet to start Aren't We Sisters--will try and actually finish the Lissa Evans before choosing a new Baileys book--I have lately been thinking of Elizabeth Is Missing. Did you read that one? When I get to the Ali Smith, I think it is going to require serious attention on my own part. The same with the Sarah Waters, which I am really looking forward to. I am so curious now to see which books will make the shortlist.


I haven't read any blogger reviews of it yet, but I did read the reviews that are up on my public library's website and they seem to be overwhelmingly positive!


Isn't that creative? It certainly makes me curious about her writing! I think I need to read the book since it is short stories. I like bios that are unique like this and you do wonder if she wrote her own and how her writing style will compare! Hopefully I will find out.

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