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Liz F

I will think of you reading in the sun with a little bit of envy as we are told that after a week of quite high temperatures (for the time of year), the weather is about to turn wintery again just in time for the weekend with temperatures back into single figures! Good job I didn't pack away my winter sweaters!

You will certainly have plenty to keep you occupied and lots of places to visit readingwise!
I think that is what I love about books - you can visit so many places even when your bank account prevents you from actually getting on a plane and going there.
Ireland is very easy for me as I can visualise it from memory, the countryside and small towns anyway, and maybe that helps me get 'into' books with those settings. I still have a list of places I would really like to visit because I read about them years ago - oh well maybe one day!
I know what you mean about books that you enjoy when you are reading them, but they are not the volume you would automatically reach for first - right now the one that is tempting me most is Baltimore Blues ( I had forgotten how good Laura Lippman is and how much I like the character of Tess Monaghan) but there are others which have to be finished quickly as they are library books which HAVE to go back so I am having to resist the temptation. I have to remind myself that the sooner I finish the library books, the sooner I can pick up the copies of Station Eleven and a couple of other books I have been waiting for!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


I hope you enjoy your reading time, and the sunshine, Danielle. Think of me--I will be helping my husband pressure wash our pool screen--it's green with mold! I'm not complaining, because we've had a beautiful winter and I'm so very lucky to have a pool with a screened lanai. Perhaps I will read out there when we are finished!


You have so many good books waiting for you to be enjoyed out in the sun. Our weather is changing from cold but sunny this week into raining during the weekend. I've just finished a short story - yes that's me - a short story, by Dutch author Karel Glastra van Loon and a very good one too.
Now I'll continue reading Takashi Hiraide's The Guest Cat, a copy from the library.


This is a confusing time of year weatherwise, isn't it? I know I had better not pack away my sweaters but even with choosing lighter clothing, I was too warm today! Didn't think I would be complaining of that anytime soon!! I don't mind only now I have to peel off layers and carry my jacket home after work. Better problem to have than freezing and numb fingers and toes, though!

This is just why I like reading (or one of the reasons anyway) being able to travel far and wide and even back and forward in time--and it's almost free (why I never really mind buying books!). I have such high hopes for reading this weekend--I do hope it works out! No more Downton or British Bake-off or Grantchester so no reason really to turn on the TV, which means a few extra hours of reading, too.

I'm reading Baltimore Blues, too and enjoying it immensely--I want to read it but I have such a massive in progress pile and several that need all my attention which means I have been neglecting it a bit but maybe I can sneak in a few chapters this weekend. I like Tess, too. Do you read Elly Girffiths? If so, have you seen her new mystery series which starts with The Zig Zag Girl-was wondering if you have heard anything about it?


I hope you get in some reading time, too. Cleaning a pool doesn't sound like very much fun--unless you get to enjoy a swim afterwards! I have a coworker who just got back from Florida and said it is pretty warm there already... :)


I do, and what a dilemma, and here I am tonight pulling a few more new books from my reading piles out of curiosity. I will try and resist and go pick up a book already in progress, but those temptations are so hard for me. I love short stories and am always happy to hear that someone else is enjoying them, too. I will have to look the author up, though I wonder if it has been translated? I like the sound of The Guest Cat, too! That is one I have seen at my library as well--let me know what you think of it--may have to add it to my wishlist.

Liz F

Weekend weather wasn't quite as bad as feared - chilly rather than wintery and we did get a bit of sunshine yesterday!
I love Elly Griffiths' archaeological crime novels (new one due in a month here I think)and actually have The Zig Zag Girl in my library pile.
I've only read a couple of chapters because. like you, I am having to prioritise certain books (although more due to my fooling myself that I have more reading time than I actually do than for any valid reason)but I can report that so far it is very enjoyable with a good sense of period and I think it would be very much to your taste!
TV has gone a bit into the doldrums here too - that gap between the end of the winter schedules and the start of the spring ones not that my other half or son in law notice as there is an unfortunate amount of live sport on which has them glued to the screen.
A couple of things that you might like are on however - the new remake of Poldark is looking good (the books by Winston Graham are wonderful)and Indian Summers, set in Simla in India in 1932 is also beautifully glossy and very well acted. One is a BBC production and the other is Channel 4 which might give you an idea as to where they will turn up on your channels but I'm guessing that they will sooner or later!


I am jealous you got to enjoy some time outside. We had more snow yesterday and another storm predicted this week. :(


Big plans! I hope you had both the pleasant weather and lots of uninterrupted reading time! The weather here was gorgeous which made it terribly hard to sit still!


Well, all good things must come to an end, though this little summery break was nice! Tomorrow is back to reality and cold blustery days--though seasonal at least in terms of temps. We are forecast a rain, snow mix on Sunday night--but maybe it won't happen. I truly feel for you when it comes to not being able to face more snow!Fingers crossed out mild air travels your direction!


I always think big when it comes to weekends and books. I did get in some good reading time, but you know there is never enough!! I even managed to work in the yard both Sat and Sun! I hope you had a good weekend, too!

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