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Wow, this sounds like a really intense novel! But knowing it will take several rereads to fully grasp is both comforting and intimidating at the same time!


Sounds like a good class...full of interesting reads. Hope you enjoy them all!


I still have a bit to read yet. It is really hard to explain it as it doesn't have much of an actual plot. I think there are other things going on with this one than straightforward storytelling. You know I don't always get on well with books that push boundaries, and this isn't one I will be able to say I loved but I am glad I read it. I am always happy when I read outside my comfort zone.


I have thoroughly enjoyed the two classes I have taken--it is such a unique opportunity to take a class from not only someone from Israel but who is also a published author. My instructor has definitely shed all sorts of light on the books and on life there. I am looking forward to each book on that stack, too! Luckily he gave us some more reading suggestions so there will be more to explore--though alas, will have to do so on my own when the class ends!


A very interesting post, Danielle but I don't think this book would be for me right now. It's certainly sounds like a book one would want to discuss.

Liz F

I admire you for sticking with this book, Danielle but I think that I would be far too squeamish to read it once never mind three or four times! The main character sounds like something out of a nightmare!


It is not a book I would have picked up on my own to be honest. I believe, however, this was a phase of her writing when she was younger and her style has changed considerably over the years. I would be curious to see what she writes about now. It is definitely well outside my comfort zone!


I don't imagine I will ever pick it up again and I still have about 60 pages to read. Now that the class is over (for that discussion) I find it harder to pick up the book, but I really do need to so I can finish it! It's such a strange book--it doesn't feel like a traditional sort of story at all--not even sure how to classify it even.

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