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Ah Wharton, such a master of storytelling! How fascinating it can take Tóibín so long to write a short story! A couple years to write a novel, sure, but a short story? But I suspect it is not something he works at continuously. I hope.


I love Edith Wharton and have read most of her novels and several of her short stories, but not this one. I think I need to rectify that as soon as possible. :)
P.S. How's your book club going?


I don't think so--I have a feeling he must start a story and then set it aside in favor of working on something else. Though I have heard of others taking a long time to write a short story. I think he said he has one more to write for the next collection he is putting together. I wonder when the collection is due to be out...! Wharton is wonderful, isn't she? Now I feel like reading one of her novels.


I have not read as much Wharton as I would like. I went through a phase when I was a bit younger, but there are so many of her books I have yet to read. You can find this story online if you feel like reading it and don't have it on hand in a book. I have not yet gone to any of the book club meetings! I have read about a third of Life After Life, and when I didn't finish on time I decided not to go to the meeting. As I am taking a class, I think I will wait until the class is over and then try and go in the summer. Too many things going on--to many books on the go--and not enough time for them all!


I might be lucky and have that Edith Wharton story somewhere. She's such a fine analyst.


She is great! I want to read more of her but then I always think I will wait until I have more time to devote to reading--and how often do I have time like that! I should just go and pick up one of her books!

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